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Success Stories from Clients: The Contractor Click Marketing Experience

As a home improvement marketing agency, we have the unique insights to see what sets WINNERS apart in advertising, marketing and business strategy. We love seeing our clients win, and today we're going to talk about concrete coatings businesses that have grown lead conversion and in revenue, despite the challenges of this economy. 

When we use our holistic marketing approach, The Complete Contractor Program (CCP) we are able to position home improvement business owners to stand out from their competitors.  

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If you're wondering how to do marketing as a contractor, keep listening!


Topics Discussed

  1. Adaptive Marketing Strategies
    At Contractor Click, we specialize in serving contractors in home improvement, concrete coatings, fencing, decks, home remodeling, and hardscaping. Our adaptive marketing strategies are crafted to excel in these niches, ensuring our clients thrive despite economic challenges. Through personalized solutions and our flagship program, The Complete Contractor Program, we've driven significant revenue growth and enhanced lead quality for our clients, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored approaches in these specific industries.

  2. Client Success Stories: This episode showcases real success stories, highlighting significant revenue increases and improved lead quality for clients who embraced Contractor Click's revamped programs, The Complete Contractor Program. These stories  reflect the effectiveness of personalized strategies aligned with individual client needs.

  3. Trust and Commitment: Trust and commitment form the foundation of our client partnerships. Contractors rely on us to manage their marketing, allowing them to concentrate on their projects. We advocate for embracing innovative strategies and stepping beyond comfort zones, crucial elements in achieving substantial growth in collaboration with Contractor Click.

  4. Future Outlook with Contractor Click: Looking ahead, our future outlook is optimistic. We emphasize innovation, adaptation, and investment in growth as pathways to success. Our goal is to empower concrete coating and home renovation businesses with cutting-edge marketing strategies that address current economic challenges and opportunities, ensuring a bright future for their businesses.

  5. Resilience and Partnership: Resilience and partnership are fundamental to achieving success as a contractor in challenging times. We encourage our listeners in the home improvement industry to pursue excellence and innovation, shaping a future where success is not just a possibility but a certainty with Contractor Click by their side.


Audio Transcription

If you're listening to this, the Contractor Click podcast, welcome aboard in this episode, we're going to unpack the layers of what makes a successful and a winning marketing Last couple of episodes, we've been talking about, Hey, what's going on with the economy. rising cost of, leads in the concrete coating space.

And amidst all of that, we want to share with you the amazing wins our clients are experiencing, with us, our amazing marketing manager here at Contractor Click. Andrea, what's going on? How's your day going? It's been a great day. Got to be in the office after it's been a while that I was in the office.

Had a vacation, some family in town. Went on a sabbatical, didn't want to come back to the office. I know, I was sick after my sabbatical. It was tragic, but here we are. We survived. We survived. And, my beautiful wife, Mady, what's going on, Mady? How's your day going? Good. We had a great day today. Yes. I had the office was full except for one person.

Which she was recovering to, but it was a great day. It was a great day to be in the office. We did a lot of strategy, a lot of conversation, a lot of talk. I definitely missed Andrea, but I'm glad she's back. So did my plants. They missed her too. And then who's our guest right here? What did he say before?

a limited, limited edition guest. That's no, you're not, you're unlimited. That's right. We only winners and top players. Mr. Luiz in the house. What's going on, Luiz? Going so glad to be back. Client success manager at Contractor Click. Been with us from the Concrete Market and Crude Days to Contractor Click.

Okay. So you've been, let's start right there. There's been a transition happening, right? Yeah. Branding. but also our strategy has evolved right with the times. what's been one of the biggest shifts that you've noticed? Last year we were big on the accelerator program that was great. Yeah, and then we started talking about hey How do we help our clients succeed regardless of the economic environment?

Sure, and all of that. So we decided to embrace The new program offering etc. What's from your side of the table? You talk to clients all day long What's your feedback? What have you heard from calm? Like I have heard wins I think every client that has been on board or decided to jump in full swing with us has seen wins And like I think that's the best part is that we knew that there had to be a shift We had that shift from back when we were only offering the accelerator program and now we were like, let's expand Let's give our clients the best Possibility for success.

Let's give them the best the full piece of the full pie, right? Not just the piece of it. And the winds have been amazing. I've, I have clients that are operating at a 30 percent increase when it comes to revenue per month. And like those types of stories, I feel like year over year, 30 percent increase when there are people that are pretty much sinking and wondering, what should I do?

Yeah. There's people who think that keeping the same as last year is totally winning. You're listening to a video the other day because they're looking at What's around them. And they're like, Hey, home improvements going down. So we're doing okay. We're doing great because we're doing the same as last year.

And you're like, wait, no, that's not acceptable. Not a contract or click. if you're part of this family, like this is the thing is we love to get uncomfortable. We, love living, living outside the comfort zone here. And that's who we are. That's who we're embracing. we're not the same company that we were last year.

Like you've seen us, you've witnessed the evolution, et cetera. But it's the same for our clients and we love our clients to win. We love our clients to be at the cutting edge. It requires a higher level of commitment at all fronts. Not just in okay, here's just a little bit more for Facebook ads or Hey, let me give you an extra 20 a day.

Cause we've seen the players that are willing to say, you know what? I trust you guys. Cause you know what you're talking about? And we've seen some ridiculous wins in very, competitive, in, in very dry areas throughout the country. I've heard some. a couple of wins. You guys are doing this monthly recap, what do you got?

This week, my favorite wins for the week. there's one particular, account of mine. And this particular account, he's I don't even care, don't even tell me what the cost per lead is. I don't care. don't tell me that. I am going to figure out what the cost per acquisition is on my end. Just keep the leads flowing.

I trust you. How much budget do you need? This is how much we need. Okay, perfect. This year, he Told me that he is a hundred and forty thousand dollars more this time this year than he was last quarter this quarter. No this month to month. No way. Yes For the month a hundred and forty thousand more.

Yes. This was the seven figure. This is a seven already. Yes 100 And then I have the so okay fine Mady. He's a seven figure guy. He's been making seven figures, you know There's the whole thought of oh the first million is the hardest one and then every million after that is easier, Fine.

Okay, fine So then I have the other guy who's been working in this industry for four months. Same thing. Hey, go big. His budget's big. Go big or go home. This is what we do. This is the strategy we're going to do. He asks me, what do you think? He's even at first he tried to tell me, Oh, maybe we should do this.

And I'm like, listen to me. You got to trust me. Trust me in the process. At first couple of months or the first couple of days, things were not so great. Trust the process. Trust me. Trust my system. Trust what we have. Just trust me. he booked, he told me yesterday that in the month of April, he has a hundred and five thousand dollars in booked jobs.

Four months. He's been in business how long? Four months. Four months. So he's just been in business, and does he have, has he, did he bring any business experience? I don't think so, no, I don't think so. It comes from the trades, no business experience. He was like, he branched off from his dad, I don't think so.

Interesting. yep. Another person too. Wait, I have one more. Mady's just full of wins today. I am, I'm full of wins. This in itself is a win. Let's shower in wins today. Can't stop on stuff. I'm so excited, this other person. Hey, I don't know, you guys, listen, trust me. I don't like Facebook ads. Facebook ads have never worked for me.

Can you please just trust me? We've been working together for a while I'm not gonna lead you astray. Trust me. Yes, and i'll keep you updated along the way, right? I'll tell you everything. We'll know what we're doing. Trust me Two months in hey, we're having our second month call now. Should I turn off the ads?

no, keep them coming because i'm backlogged. Yeah for a couple months So they're booked out someone ahead They're booked out In a very, I'm talking about one of the most competitive territories in the country. Hence down, and these are not like 2, 500 projects. These are 17, 000, Again, home improvement.

Outdoor living, et cetera. Talk to us about how different the strategies from client to client, because here's the thing is if you're listening to this, by the way, contract or click, make sure you follow us. Give us a share. If you find this helpful, give us your feedback. the one thing that I am very passionate about is giving our clients the best, like our crew values, commitment, responsibility.

Excellence and world class. I know for a fact we're not world class if we're giving everyone the same cookie cutter template. It's not going to work. Templated strategy. The results won't be world class either. So we talked about that this morning, how everyone, quite literally, every single one of these Wins has had a very different strategy attached to their all different.

They're customized. Yep. They're all customized all three. What does that mean? Explain it to the means that we have to I don't know how much I'm not gonna get too much into like my secret sauce Okay, you got to make it either to coat master to really see the because we have clients in coat master Like dude, they literally get the strategy and they go and crush it Okay, so I'll just, speak a little bit like, okay, so they're all different.

They're all very different. One one's different. So like budget allocations is one, 100% it's budget. Some of them have Facebook ads, more budget allocation versus in Facebook ads versus Google ads. Other ones have less on Google, on Facebook, more on Google. Some have three or four different strategies going at once in terms of like their Facebook ads with like their budget.

another one has a different, we have different tools that we've used to, find the best. Service area for them instead of just dropping a pin and adding a 50 mile radius like, you know They all have very different strategies

Selfs that's what I was gonna say exactly differentiation in the ads themselves There's certain areas that you know Some of our clients are in that one would work one type of creative one type of creative strategy one type of communication Strategy would work for them and then you try to apply it for another client and it's not and then you have to figure out You look at data you try to strategize what works best for that client.

Now, I'm just sharing this because look, I used to coach agency owners and everyone talks about we're data driven, but they're, really not like whatever their, data is at the end of the month report to the client and whatever, what does that mean? Data driven? How does that apply to your real role?

And how in tune are you with our clients, outcomes, revenue, et cetera. How often do you look at clients, numbers, performance? literally at this point with, the clients that I want to win, it's borderline daily now, because at this point, again, that's something that changed. Whereas before it's like, you can let an account, breathe or, tick for a few days and then you log in and it probably did well, or it didn't do well, whatever.

let's adjust. Now it's no, like you're babying it. We have to baby it because this is the level that it takes to make sure that these budgets are being allocated in the right place. Because if it's not. Cut it. Yeah. Figure something out. And you also have to look at a lot of things, it's not just when we're running these ads, it's not just like you say, the data driven, we really do data driven ads, like we look at things like demographics, we look at things like age, gender, whether or not they're performing on the feet.

We look at all of those aspects. Where do they convert? How long does it take? what, hook? And if it's a new client, we don't know for sure, like we can't guarantee that you're going to get X, like this lead will cost X because we're getting X. We'll be getting to know your territory. We'll be getting to know what works for you.

So I think that's part of it too. You can't just have a buddy in another state and you're like, Oh, he's getting this cost per lead. let's start there. That's a great place to start the conversation and then we'll go to your wins. I didn't forget about you. So let's, start off with the first month.

If you want your marketing program to, to crush it, whatever, wherever it is, there are marketers and look, there's different trains of thoughts. I know what works for us and our clients, and that's the only thing we're going to focus on in this conversation. Everyone else can talk about how they do things, and they got the special sauce, but the reality is that every ad account has its own history, age, etc.

If you have a pixel, you have some data, some conversions, etc. Have you run ads before in the past? Every, every, exactly. You have the brand equity in the marketplace, And sometimes that could be a positive. Sometimes that could not be a positive negative reviews already. Or exactly. maybe the territory is exhausted of seeing your ad and does he need a refresh?

What, is it? Somebody, could you speak about like the first 30 days? What are the expectations for a good marketing win? There's a lot of, there, there's a lot of learning on for the first 30 days in terms of, I think the biggest win in my opinion, the first 30 days that you're working with us is to really know and understand exactly who is clicking on your ads and who is converting on your ads.

And who is, the person that you're going to be speaking to and really understanding that because I think a lot of times like these people that run Facebook ads have a general idea. my general area is for example, today we, looked at this, one campaign and we had this demographic between ages 55 to 65 that are clicking on the ads.

But then we had another campaign that it was quite opposite. And it was like, 35 to 45 they were clicking on the ads. Cool. So after the first month I'm gonna tell you this is how much we can guarantee a lead for because I have the data This is the name the type of people. So how do the companies go out there and make the claims?

Hey, You get 50 leads or it's free. How do they come up with that? Because they want a lot of churn Yeah, they do have a lot of churn. Yeah, and it's very easy to do that It's very easy to do that how speak to the end user Like what does that mean 50 leads or more or work for free looks like I have a stock video of not your work That I launched with every single client That I work with and the video works.

It's not that it doesn't work, but I have you're never gonna get original work It's gonna be somebody else's work. Somebody else's voice. Somebody else's everything. You want to hear something? Yeah, and this one just be careful of that. Just our friend Tim decorative concrete of Virginia His work has been stolen by pretty much because he creates some of the most beautiful organic content And he's telling me, dude, I'm going to be sending cease and desist to all of this because the reality, no, and I actually share with him and I was like, Hey, like he's tired of people using his work.

And up to now, no one's made a, a big, thing about it. But the reality is when you have marketers that just take whatever they see would work. It might get you in trouble. and some of these lawsuits aren't settled. They're not pretty 30, 000, 20, 000, 50, 000, et cetera. you definitely don't do not want to be in that situation where you're at account is record or your Facebook page is recorded running someone else's work.

Don't do that. It's cheaper to actually do the work and earn yourself the reputation and the work that you want to be known for, because it's yours. And when it's yours, no one else can take that away from you. Now the shortcut when you're first starting out, what would you recommend when you're first starting out?

You haven't done that many floors. You don't have that. You haven't done it. Yeah, you haven't installed but a couple fences Mady, what are some ways around that some ways around that if you well, you know what if you have a buddy ask him? Hey, can I have some people that have asked their buddies for pictures?

There you go. The right way of doing it is asking for permission ask your distributor. Hey guys, do you get any written? Yeah In written format. Hey, do I have permission to use this? Get your video camera out during training. Coat your own garage. Coat your own garage, take a process, clip, or a couple of process clips.

Take a final, a before and after. There you go, you have enough to start running ads, that are your work, right? Yeah. A few different angles. We had a client that did that, he coated his garage, and then he took a picture in front of his garage. You know exactly who this is. He took a picture in front of his garage, and everything that he Took after that did not work as well as that picture with him in front of the garage.

yeah, absolutely So he did the entire garage. You got one picture. How many pictures can you get from one garage hand? Oh, man What would you say? What would you start with your four corners? You got all these different angles different lighting makes it look like is that a different frame? That's right.

You got the, from the inside, right to the outside, dog, add some kids. Now with AI, you can add some motorcycles to it, right? Yeah, he was very happy. Okay. So first month, again, your work, your territory, getting to know your space. that's crucial and that's data. That's going to help us determine how do we navigate.

the rest off the season and meanwhile, you're showing up to coaching calls during those first 30 days and getting familiar with the team that's supporting you, getting better at your sales process, getting better at just making sure you're shoring up every aspect of your business so that when you do get a lead, it's not a loss when you go to take the call and you don't know how to manage it properly.

And weeding out empty, leads really it's what it is because it's like you said that 50 we guarantee you x amount of leads per month but like how many of those leads were completely under qualified and they didn't take the effort to create proper questions, proper qualifying questions, right?

To weed out the customers that really aren't your customers, that you're actually now wasting revenue and money to go and try to turn into a customer when they were never going to convert. Yeah, I think the proof is in the numbers too. If you, at the end of the, there are 50 leads or more, if you're looking at those 50 leads or more and you're not standing in front of at least 70 percent of them, that's, there's a problem.

We've heard that too. It's hey, I got 50 leads and I only, I did four estimates and I closed nothing. that's, the numbers don't add up there. So we're not wanting to waste your time. Yeah, sure. So this is, when you, there, there's no comparison. It's not apples to apples here. You might be getting, some cookie cutter templatized version here.

And, by the way, I could tell you, you come over to our cook master, classes and calls. And you take the training there, you hop onto our marketing calls, marketing strategy, you will learn how to run better advertising than this cookie cutter of 50 leads or it's free. It's proven, tested, we've done it time and time and time again, you've got to be comfortable in being in front of the computer and clicking in different buttons and following.

Process, but we'll teach you how to think about your advertisement. So for those of you that are listening, you're wondering, man, I'm too small to work with you guys in the complete program. don't worry. That's where the code master comes in. and we also invite clients to come over because we talk about strategy in those calls, right?

And they get to understand our process, et cetera. Luiz was talking quite a bit. That's what I was going to say. That's one of my wins right there. Go for it. That was the difference maker. That's exactly it. It was a client who had, had the courage really to step into our Coatmaster and then also was patient enough to trust us and to listen to our recommendations and the customers, our client is winning.

Literally winning to this day is living proof of hey, we're going to teach you, give you the formulas of how to do this on your own, and then you're going to get, you're going to get to reap the benefits, and then we're going to offer support. Because as as we've talked about this whole time, the constant changes in Facebook, the constant changes in these platforms, There comes a time where whoa, like this doesn't even look how it looked yesterday.

How do I navigate it? They remove so many options. Exactly. Yeah. It's an comeback to Codemaster. Let's talk about it. Let's, strategize. Let's learn. That's why our team has all those, calls. They're like, Hey, looks different than yesterday. Hey, Babby, where's that button now? Yeah, it's true.

But that particular client that you were talking about, the one in Codemaster, he is so shy too. So you would think to yourself, how is this shy, very quiet, demeanored human? And he's crushing it. Crushing it. And that could be you, if you're on the other side, on the other side of this video, and you're wondering, hey, what, can I do to learn this?

I, I can. Tell you this, invest in getting the skills to do it. And at some point in time you're gonna be so busy that you're like wondering like, how can I not do this? Because you will realize that it becomes a full-time game. when you're, let's move the conversation into when you are investing over a hundred dollars, it's different than when you're investing 40 or $60 a day.

Is that right? Completely different. And I think it's not all going in one bucket too. It can, it's a lot more opportunity. A lot more opportunity. a lot more. Believe it or not a lot more fun for someone in my position I have had more fun strategizing for these clients and watching them win Yeah, and then again, it's it's reaping the reward both for our clients, but also for me as well It feels good to know that like a strategy that you know, I was handed down by my superior implemented and then worked like It makes me feel good to have a call and it's hey man, this is what we're doing and it's working for you.

And it gets a little more complicated. Correct. When you have a larger budget. So you do want someone in your corner being like, is this the right choice? you're adapting it along the way because if, you're running cheap and you're just Boosting posts. That's different than Facebook ads for a hundred dollars a day.

It's just a different ballgame. So if you think you've run ads, like there is more training that you can go through to understand what we do. We don't want you to be running blind. We do want you to trust us, but we don't want you to plug your ears blindly and just hope that it's going to work out.

There's, that's why the coaching and training comes into play. Absolutely. Yeah, I love it. Now, how, important is the reputation of your business? What would you say? I think very important. We've had clients that zero rep, they've started with zero. Yes. And now they're up to 20, 30 reviews. Correct. How much of a difference has that made into their?

I, again, part of our complete contractor program, I feel like one of the smartest things we're doing is we're using reputation that has been built. over a six month period, even if you're a newer company and starting late 2023, growing the reputation and now stepping into a complete contractor program where we're utilizing that as a way, almost as like a sales support almost because when a potential customer is between two, three, four coating companies that they're trying to go to, we remarket them or we implement a remarketing strategy, showing your reputation Showing testimonials showing completed beautiful work that you've had and then they see that not only on their Facebook, not only on their Instagram, but on their YouTube, when they're sitting in their bed before they go to bed, watching their YouTube video, how much, and then, that client there that is in that video shows up to your door the next day.

And it's like, how much more likely, how much more willing is a potential customer going to be? And I love that. And that brings me back again to, we should have covered this in, the, first 30 days. Is the media and the graphics? What do you think makes the biggest difference between those that win big that are winning thriving crushing it?

in the marketing program and also would help them out like what's a big point when it comes to the media assets Etc. So Sorry, I was gonna say, you can almost tell before someone gets started those first 30 days, when you're on those onboarding calls, you're like, this person is a winner and here's what makes the difference.

what are some of those things? Some of the things that I, notice in a winner is someone who's really business minded and they're okay with, not being hands on with the installation process. They're ready to be CEO business owners. And so they're thinking more of a business owner and they're, ready to invest in marketing and they're ready to invest in creatives and they're willing to try new strategies.

So I think even in those first calls, you start having the receptivity of being teachable, but also wanting to elevate the business as a whole and not just be a one man show and only one person. Be the crew. Yeah. So they delegate to elevate. Yeah. I think I more now than ever, I feel like consistent creatives, consistent high quality.

Yes. Bare minimum is the high quality, good quality photos, really showcasing the job with good lighting. You just need the latest iPhone. And that's like the latest. Whenever our team goes to build a new creative, they have all these new photos, it's attached, the organized folders. let's talk about the first 30 days.

If within the first 30 days, it's a lot of A B testing. It's a lot of testing what ads work, what ads don't, what type of creatives work, what type of creatives don't. If you provide us, if we're given X amount of creatives to work with for the first 30 days, and it's not a lot, probably by the end of those 30 days we need more.

it's the consistency in hey man, I just created this. crushed this beautiful new job. here's the pictures of it. And this is where, I give shout out to our video and graphics editing team for being our heroes, because they really do deliver. We had a client today. He's you're questioning, Oh, I don't think you should use this word, which brings me to the trust factor here.

And who makes a great client for the complete contractor program versus someone that might be better suited for the code master. Mady, what, are some of those key differences? they're, yes, when they start, Oh, I think you should, this, what kind of marketing is this? It's like the micromanaging of, but you know what?

Yeah. the strategy, I also feel like, yeah, that, that micromanage there. Okay. Perfect example. There's two clients that we've had in, the same area at different times. This first, particular client is. Micromanaging every single tiny little detail. Commas. Messaging me. There's no comma here.

I don't like how that's written. This should be there. This goes there. To the point they were like, yeah, it's not gonna work anymore. So client is no longer with us. We take another client in the same area because once you're no longer with us your area becomes open. So if you come back, your area is not available.

So this other client comes from the same area and he's basically I trust you guys. I trust you guys. You guys do whatever you have to do. I don't care. I trust you guys. What do you need from me? Do you need pictures? Here they are. Here's the budget. What else do you need from me? Whatever you need, you tell me and I'll give it to you.

That client is crushing it so big same territory winning with like a cost per lead That's fantastic and low and constant leads coming in leads coming into his website Leads coming into his google leads too busy to say something Literally, meanwhile, the other person is now And he is managing his own stuff, which he maybe needed to do all along.

And it's great. It's great. It's going great for him. And that works. It's completely fine. the one thing we're committed to is helping our clients. Look, we're on a mission to elevate the concrete coatings and home improvement industry. And we know everyone is in a different place in their business journey.

Some people are more hands on when it comes to the creative strategy, etc. We're here to be a support system for you if that is what you need in this season. For some of you The consumption of the podcast is more than enough to get your wheels turning and start executing. And we've gotten feedback on Hey, that was great.

strategy you shared for others. You need more hands on, which that's what the coaching is. Like people don't understand what coaching is really. what's a coaching? you literally come in and you share your ad accounts and we'll be able to troubleshoot right with you in real time. Hey, you should look at this, change this, try that.

And we've noticed some individuals coming in and like quite literally slash cost per lead in half running better marketing, the most marketing agencies would, and they're doing it themselves and they're happy, like they're doing it. They're learning it. and that's great. And now there's the other. business owner, which comes in and says, you know what?

I don't want to deal with learning the technicalities. I don't want to train an admin assistant. I just want you guys to do it for me or for me. And that's where we step in. Now, the trust factor is big is. I want to have you consider how do you want the homeowner that's hiring you to do the floor to trust you?

Do you want them to, do you want them to tell you, Hey, look, what, are you using? What, grinder is that? I think you should use a hand grinder to do the entire floor instead of the, propane, Husqvarna. Like quite literally, do you want them to micromanage you throughout the entire process?

And look, I get it. If you're training people that have never done it before, you have to be. do it that way. But when you're hiring a professional company, this is not our first rodeo. We've been doing this for a long time, for a very long time. I personally have been doing this for well over a decade.

I'm going into 20 years now. And that's what I feel old. Just saying that. I get it. But I get it. I get that. I get it. But they've been ripped off so many times. Was questioning my, thing because he's been working loyal to some other person who's getting him like super high cost per lead, like putting a whole bunch of money into one ad and like it blowing up.

Okay. Can you talk about the cost per lead? Wait, let me finish this. Yeah. And now what I was going to say. I get a chatterbox. I don't know. And now this client is I, you gotta trust me because they've been burned So many times by other marketing agencies, but they got a lot of things like something else.

Like we've built our reputation that precedes us. Like we just talk to anybody. We give you all the referrals. You want referrals? I'll give you referrals. Talk to anybody you want. Like we built the right, listen, we're not the right fit for everyone. No, we're not. Call us. We're not the right fit for anyone.

We, for everyone. We have, for everyone. Correct that again. Okay. Andrew, make sure you, get that. Hold on. Let's like cut that. No, I'm just kidding. Christian. Chopper, cut her audio right now. We're not, and a lot of times we've even yeah, I don't know. We're not, here to man.

We're here to help and we're here to grow. That's it. Yeah. You, I was, like, there you go. I was excited to see. Because this is a territory where he was paying 80 plus dollars a leader. And what's it at, where's it at right now? right now, today I checked it, it was like $43, but outta those $43, I'm gonna tell you right now, there's one, it's really like I'm battling between one $50 and one $30, so I can get it down to $30 too.

I was about to say the $40 is a spike, to be honest with you. Yeah. It could be like down to 30 something. Yeah. So here's where I'm going at. It's in the, Could we use templates for everyone and get them out of the way? Technically speaking, we could, but that, is not beneficial for the long term sustainability because once that ad.

Fatigues. And now it's been seen enough times, it's rendered its purpose. What's the next strategy to stop the, the ad group, duplicated, turn it back on. And is that the only strat, which is what most of these companies do, on, the outside. And, I'm telling you, it's, the biggest thing about, a market in digital marketing agencies.

How much are you innovating in the strategy? Cause that's, that's super important. That's what changes the most, I feel. And if you're not innovating in that aspect, like I said before, you're gonna get left behind. You're gonna get left behind with the old, ways, because Yeah, stuck in time almost stuck in time and we've been talking mostly about Facebook ads But this goes for the website as well.

All of the refreshes and updates and optimizations Continue to happen. We don't just build out our complete contractor program clients websites and then let them go Hope they do well from then on it's Adaptive all along the way. Monthly optimizations. that's big. You're not going to, if you're just messing with your website, you're not going to be optimizing.

And there's layers to it too, because you got to be able to know what's making a difference. Because once we figure out what's making a difference in your territory, and again, this is where it's very dynamic from one, Territory to another for sums, for some clients, like sending traffic into a landing page might be better than, a website for others.

The website is going to be better than a landing page. Like we had a client, another competitive territory. We send it over to the website and he started converting. He started getting a whole bunch of, and then you, try to run the landing page in that area. It's man, it's, crickets. Yeah, it's interesting.

and it's, not the same everywhere. So just having the patience to. To give us the space and time to the first 30 days. Really. Once we get access to everything, we get up and running. Our ramp up time is fairly quick. We communicate with you. In fact, we have a great app that we give our, our clients access to instead of going back and forth via text message and email, we used to do that.

we added this app component, which is great, man. It's our clients love it because it's very familiar to Facebook. Imagine having your own. Facebook group with your marketing team, your entire marketing team, everyone that has a stake in that specific campaign management, et cetera, from website support to landing pages, to ads, to your name, it to the CRM support.

Everyone is there. Paying attention, listening in, and we're all chiming. Even myself, I'm in there. I'm like, man, this is awesome. And how long have we had that? That was a new implementation. That was less than 60 days. Yeah, but it's good. We have people that have been putting pictures in that haven't put pictures in before.

it's just so great. They got company cam. They don't upload company cam pictures, but they get this app. And now everyone's uploading. How easy is it to upload on Facebook? We have clients that have never communicated with us. like where there's a partnership and only one person talks to us and then the other partner would never hear from.

And now all of a sudden they're like, Oh, Hey, what's up? There's someone there. Like both of you, what's going on? Nice to meet you. Practically. Okay. So wins, do you have any other wins? anything else you want to share? every client that has trusted us from our complete contractor program is winning.

That is a win that, that is, that shows that I think the so have they grown in revenue? Yes. Yes. 30 percent growth average. Yeah. And when we were even first talking about the idea of the complete contractor program, it was birthed out of when we saw people winning because we were doing all the things for them.

let me just clarify something because I like to be transparent here. Historically speaking in, all of our clients, there's been one that we've taken on. Into the complete contractor program. That was not a right fit. And you told me, Hey, that, client shouldn't be brought in. He was winning, but he was not ready for the growth.

How many leads did he get first month? How many, did he get, the first month? Maybe, I don't know. Oh, yeah, alright, so What does it mean to not be ready for the growth? as in That means you're getting so many leads Why is my phone not stopping? And you can't handle it. That's what it was.

It was like, I wasn't ready for this, but this is amazing. Let's keep going. What do you need from me? the attitude shifted immediately. But then he just, it just was too much. It was 20 leads and he had, he was getting like a bunch a month and he just couldn't handle it. He was operationally speaking, he was too small to bear and The other thing is this was not the full time business.

He wanted to venture a full time into it. He had another business running that was bringing in the revenue and like between running sales calls and he's launching this himself, doesn't have an appointed salesperson to it, still installing floors plus trying to run this component here. It'll be like a circus.

But that's what we, filter. That's what, no, that's what we qualify you and that's why we say stuff for everyone. Learning lesson, yeah. And it's not that we're trying to not be like, oh, I don't want to work with you. Yeah, the thing is, you can't literally go, this is where we realize hey, this is just not working out.

Like you go into the CRM, has not reached out to anyone within the CRM, there's people messaging back. yeah. Sure, you never called me. Yeah. Sending pictures, engaged prospects and then gets back to them very later on three to four days afterwards when he has time and again this is It's not for everyone.

So when we're telling, and this with the most respect to the smaller companies, because everyone is out there hustling, you're giving it your best shot, sometimes you're might be in the season where you need a different type of support, where you can structure your sales process and be ready to receive.

Because once you're ready to receive, you can, be a better steward of that. And that's why we make a big deal about the Cope Master. It's not because we want to push more people into the program and the coaching and the support. No, it's because you're going to learn how to move the sales process forward, how to establish that, how to hire better people, how to recruit, How to run the advertising for yourself. Yeah. Because how, often are you in a room with people doing the exact same You know, niche thing as you, I don't get to meet people doing the exact same thing as me having the exact same number of kids or whatever you have. The camaraderie of the coaching is not just the coach, it's all the people in the room that can also jump in and troubleshoot, problem solve, get, they're not all at the same revenue level.

They're able to tell you what's coming up, your blind spots that you might not see. It's a community aspect. The community is probably. Once you learn the technical things, it's, more, even more relevant. Cause yes, there is replay, but to me, the live call is where it's at live calls. So there is that component.

but I'm telling you, it's not everyone, is the right fit for contractor, clicks, complete contractor program and vice versa. This is it's gotta be a good relationship, a good partnership. And that's what we're looking for is the alignment. And if this is speaking to you and you're wondering, Hey, Look, I'm moving past two crews right now.

I've got some advertising and marketing that's working, working. I'm not sure if it's working. Book the strategy call. The growth strategy call is a roadmap for you and your business. We're going to look at the next 12 months and see where you really want to go. And what does it look like from a revenue and investment perspective so that you have a clear picture and whether you want to take that and run with it.

Or you want us to help you with it, if your territory is available, of course, we're here for you. So all you have to do is go to Contractor. Click right now and look at the Get Started button. Click on it, fill out the application. We're going to look at your territory, book a time to talk, and that is the first step to looking at this.

Now, once you're up and running, you're saying 30%, again, I mentioned the one client that we've suspended, services. The whole thing is, it's an incredible ratio, everyone's winning, and this is on a slower economy. True. Yeah. Slower economy. Yeah, very true. And people are about to get their tax returns. I just got mine the other day, so You're doing a floor?

it's not quite enough for You know what I'm doing? A referral right here. It's the, hurricane shutters. There you go. Yeah, but look, she's getting a home improvement. There you go. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, so it is prime time, right? So you we want to get ready for a season that is about to go up.

You guys are expecting, hopefully, that April will be even better than January, February, March. And so that's why you want to prepare for the season ahead so that if you do get a ton of leads and an influx of calls, you're prepared for it. It's not too late. We have a masterclass coming up here. if you're listening to this, I don't know if the masterclass is past due, but we'll put the replay if, what's the name of the masterclass?

our masterclass, on YouTube, it's going to tell you that it's the replay of, our masterclass. The goal is to maximize and stabilize your lead flow. And if you're experiencing that volatility, we're here to help you steady it out and to actually optimize when you do get the leads as well.

Beautiful. Luis, welcome aboard, buddy. I'm so happy. We want to make you consistent. Hey, let us know how Luis is doing. Yeah. If you want to hear more from Luis. Oh, yeah. Just Luis. In the comments. That's right. All of it's going to say Luis. With the Z. Right? With the Z. Spell it out for us. L U I Z. L U I Z.

So if you want to get more Luis in the, in, in the podcasts, make sure you type in Luis. we'll make sure to More love. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Okay. So the masterclass talk a little bit more about that because I know it's free. It's not just for our clients. It's not just for concrete coatings who all should.

Be open to come home improvement contractors. Look you're doing fence decks remodeling Home improvement interior and exterior home improvement. You're doing concrete pavers Hardscaping outdoor living you're Danny. Like, how do you know this is gonna work for me? It works if you're selling to a home owner On a home improvement project whether that is flooring whether that is walls exterior or interior It's the same buyer.

They just have a different budget You Yours is a different product. That's all it is. It's the same strategy used to acquire that lead. And in fact, I could, I'll dare to say this. We go out of the concrete coating space and we run the same strategy. We crush it. So this is a superior strategy, quite literally.

I'm not here to brag on, it, but it's the reality. We take the same recipe. We apply it on a different, it works 10 times better cost per lead is. We already are. We're already applying it to pavers. We already are. It's fantastic. It's a lot more effective, I would say. You're wondering if it's for you.

it is. It is. Even if you said that, you're wondering the entire three minute spiel. No, I like the three minute spiel, too. Because, really, you might be thinking, will my buddy benefit from coming to this masterclass with me? Yes, invite your buddy. I think when you hold on to knowledge and think that it's only for you, and you're the only one who can get this super secret information, you're being Selfish and guess what if your buddy wins and he does pavers or he does fencing or he does decks and then he can refer people it's a similar avatar like Danny was saying that homeowner might be interested in doing their garage in the future and you guys can refer each other if you're both winning and growing.

There's comradery. Community teach you how to refer each other. Oh yeah. business and how to create a referral network. It's very important that this year you create those relationships to help you out. Absolutely. And if you know of anyone other than yourself that is looking to grow their, concrete coating or home improvement business contractor, click send them our way.

We'd appreciate a, like a follow a share. It means the world to us team. we're here doing this for you to help you maximize your results and your potential in your business. So if anything has resonated, make sure you're following us, but also share it with those that you know, could benefit. All you have to do is quite literally this video or this, blog post or this Instagram posts, whatever, wherever you're listening to this.

just send it over to a couple of buddies and say, Hey, connect with this guys. they're doing a good job or whatever your feedback is good or bad. any, last remarks here before we wrap it up on what makes a good, a positive, marketing plan. for receptiveness as well. I feel like clients that are receptive.

It goes on both ends too, I have the responsibility of being very receptive to what my client is asking for as well, or my client's concerns. But the receptiveness is huge because, again, a big difference with, the Complete Contractor Program versus the Accelerator is, I'm not just waiting for you to reach out, I'm reaching out to you.

Yeah. And we're having these conversations consistently because if there's a concern, or if there's an issue or a trend that's going on, I want you to know about it. Vice versa. I want you to, I want to know about it. And that's the type of relationship that is required. I feel moving forward, especially in a year like this.

I appreciate you for carrying the baton and, exemplifying what that looks like, because good or bad, whatever it's going on, like quite literally good or bad, right? let's go back to February month of February, Calls per lead through the roof. And we're like, Hey, let's just reach out to every client.

Let them know what's going on. And, that is powerful in a relationship is that transparency of saying, here it is. Here's the truth. Here are the facts. Here's what you need to know. And here's what we're doing about it. So good. And that's, powerful. What about you? I would say, don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid to invest. Don't be afraid to get in front of the camera. Don't be afraid to call back the leads that haven't answered the phone. Just don't be afraid. Yeah, go for it. Just go for it. Just go for it. And have fun with it. I have fun with it today. We had a lot of fun in the office making some social media content.

I forgot about fun. Danny sometimes forgot about fun. It was the most I've ever seen Danny laugh. There'll be a real coming up. I was crying. I was crying. I would have to share the bloopers because they're gold. The bloopers are gold. But the biggest thing for me, like I'm hearing you guys say mutual respect.

One of the things too is like building that community. And I said it a couple of times. If there's social media posts and you're not getting the comments, you're not getting the likes that you're looking for, like start chatting it up with your community. And that might be other business owners, but that also could be us.

We love it when you chat with us. So write in the comments, we'll be sure to reply back. Head to your channel, like your stuff, comment to your stuff. Yeah, have fun with us. That's what's one of my takeaways. Love it. Love it. Hey, I've said it before. I'll say it again as if it's the first time. This is a year to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself as the leader.

Your company's future depends on you, my friend. And, if you're a partner of someone that's running the business and he's making the decisions, send them this video clip or send them this podcast. they might need to hear a different perspective, but the reality is the truth will set you free. And within the truth, there are some facts about your current reality that you need to examine.

Look at your bottom line right now, if you're in the struggling economy side of things, and you're feeling that way, that means that you have not taken the ownership and the minion that you've been given to make the decisions of saying, you know what, I'm not going to participate in a down economy. I'm going to create my own economy and take the biggest chance.

In my business, my employees, in my company's, livelihood to invest in double down in myself. So that's why I'm telling you, be positive about what's happening right now. Get excited about it. Have fun with it. Thank you for reminding me what fun is like. It's actually everything better just to have fun together and do it in community, look after one another.

Man, your team, take care of them. So that being said, thank you for tuning into this episode of the Contractor Click Podcast. We'll see you in the next one. Take care.