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Growth strategy application



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frequently asked questions

why do you ask all these questions in your form?

Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.

We want to ensure that we direct you to the most suitable strategy, information, or resource to help you reach your goals.

By asking you all the right questions, we can provide you with the most suitable information to help you reach your goals.

We will never harass you or chase you down for your business. 93% percent of businesses that apply to work with us on the Complete Contractor Program do not qualify.

how do I know if I am qualified to become a Contractor Click partner?

Thank you for stopping by! First and foremost, thank you for considering joining the Contractor Click growth partner program.

We only partner with businesses we know can help succeed, and we have simple criteria to ensure we don't waste your time.

Here's a quick criteria of who our best partners are:

  • Family-oriented, faith-driven, and growth-driven blue-collar entrepreneurs
  • Take pride in what they do and deliver exquisite and professional work
  • Over $700,000/Yr in revenue
  • Trust their partners
  • Provide what is needed to make their business look as good online as their work is in real life!
  • Embrace innovation
  • Candor & clear communication
  • Coachable
  • Love & take pride and care of their team

Here's who we are not a good fit for:

  • Marketers or marketing agencies (we only work directly with home improvement businesses, including concrete coating, residential flatwork, outdoor living, and remodelers)
  • Startups
  • Revenues under $850,000/Yr 
  • Looking for a "savior"
  • Micromanagers
  • Unprofessional business owners
  • 2.5 or below reputation
can I see examples of your work?

Absolutely! Please fill out the form on this page for a comprehensive program overview and examples of our work.

how much should I be thinking about spending on advertising?

Advertising costs and investment are in direct proportion to your growth goals. We will analyze your growth goals, territory, and competition and let you know your ideal budget for growth.

how is Contractor Click different from other marketing agencies?

Great question! We are the right fit marketing partner for only 7% of the concrete coating and home improvement contractors that reach out to us.

Everything we do is in-house, and you will work directly with a growth partner who cares, gets results, and gets to know your business and goals at a deep level.

Here are a few key areas that set us apart from other marketing programs:


We are focused on only working with partners we know we can help succeed. We believe in God, and we're not ashamed to offer a prayer to our clients when in need. We care about family, as at it's core, it's why we all work hard. We live outside our comfort zone and love to work with people who want to grow.

Unique abilities:

We are a full-stack marketing and growth partner for our clients. We consult, coach, teach, and implement a unique and exclusive marketing strategy to help you reach your growth goals. 

When you work with us, you'll experience a unique and fresh approach to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors in your market, make your advertising campaigns make you more money, and optimize your entire digital sales experience.

When you work with us, you'll save on a marketing manager, video editor, social media manager, PPC strategist, SEO, content writer, CMO, and digital marketing strategy. Our unique process has been proven to help our clients sell over $100,000,000 worth of jobs in the concrete coating and home improvement space. And we only keep adding!


We bring over 20 years of experience in marketing and growing home improvement businesses.

Content & Value:

As with any agency, you should Google them and check out their social media before hiring. Get to know the people behind the computers.

As for us, formerly known as Concrete Marketing Crew, now Contractor Click, we share our stories, clients' and leaders' stories on our YouTube and Instagram and Contractor Click Podcast.