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Build A Successful Home Improvement Business

During this edition of the Contractor Click Podcast, we outlined crucial marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads, with a focus on broadening reach and engaging clients effectively.

Within this approach, we underscored the significance of establishing a clear online presence, utilizing a user-friendly website featuring service showcases, testimonials, and compelling videos.

Furthermore, we delved into strategies for remarketing utilizing Google and Facebook, aiming to tailor messaging and drive conversions.

Growth partnerships are essential to streamline your marketing. Through accountability and collaboration, progress assessments and flexible strategies, we're here to empower contractors to grow profitable businesses in the home improvement industry.

Topics Discussed

1. Marketing Channels:
Learn how to expand reach and engage with clients using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads.

2. Online Presence: Discover the importance of a user-friendly website showcasing services, testimonials, and captivating video content and galleries.

3. Remarketing Strategies: Utilize Google and Facebook to stay top-of-mind with potential clients, personalize messaging, and encourage conversions.

4. Metrics Analysis: Track key metrics like cost per lead, conversion rates, and ROI to optimize marketing efforts and allocate resources effectively.

5. Growth Partnerships: Explore how to establish accountability and collaboration, empowering contractors to achieve their goals through quarterly progress reviews and adaptable strategies.

Audio Transcription

Hey there, my friends. Welcome to the first episode of the contractor click podcast.

contractor click.

Can't believe it. Formerly known as your concrete success podcast. And if you're a concrete coding flat work. Decorative Concrete Contractor, and you're listening to this podcast. This podcast is for you as well as for our home improvement contractors who are looking to grow their business.

This is the first episode. It's a special one. As we have some of our amazing team members here in the Contractor Click Concrete Marketing Crew family. We're going to talk about the Complete Contractor Strategy. Again, Mady is here with us. Mady, how's your day going so far? How's my day? It's been great.

I'm so excited about this podcast. I'm excited that this is our first episode I'm like representing the color here with our new yellow and black Vibe that we have going on. I'm super excited about that. Yeah, but I'm super duper more excited about who we have on the podcast we have Without a doubt the best team in the world and I say in the world because our team is not only local But we also have team members in other countries.

Yes today here in the in the podcast We have two team members that I work super closely with because they are the ones that are on the front end of speaking to all of our team members and clients that work with us and they're the ones that Facilitate all of the wheels and the pieces to move and and and they communicate with the rest of the team How to better serve our clients, so I'm super super excited to have both Lewis and Tanya on The podcast with us and if you guys work with us, you know who they are because they email you every single Friday Yeah, absolutely Yeah, I'm Lewis.

It's a pleasure to be here Yeah, I'm I'm given the pleasure to work with our amazing clients and, uh, I'm super excited to finally be here, but also to finally be able to discuss, uh, the Complete Contractor program. And, uh, there's, there's some amazing things that we Some amazing initiatives that we have and I'm like super excited to discuss.

Beautiful. Oh, yeah Yes. Hi, and I'm Tanya and let me just tell you this. Um, I Before choosing to work for a company I did a lot of research and let me just tell you this company is amazing to work for and They are constantly working behind the scenes and just making sure that they give their clients absolute best So first off just wanted to say that and I have loved working here.

We Uh, work on just helping with the, uh, clients and making sure that everything is up and running and giving it all we have to be able to give the best product out there. Beautiful. Hey, it's great to have you guys here. It's an honor to have you guys. Uh, and if you're watching, listening, Hey, make sure you subscribe to the channels.

Uh, the social media handles searches as contractor. Click, click. Uh, uh, it's a singular net with S. So make sure you're tuning in in the description of this YouTube video. There's going to be linked to all the socials, make sure that you're connected and you subscribe to our channel so that you can stay up to date.

Now, uh, we're talking about the complete contractor strategy today. And one of my favorite Bible verses is where there is no vision, people perish. Where, what does that have to do with the strategies? Because a lot of times we, we, we encountered this, the greater majority of contractors, over 80%. Never make it past seven figures, nowhere near close.

They have no vision and they rely on lead vendors and referral, um, business to survive. And in this economy, you don't have the luxury to play small anymore. If you want to make it through. We look at the inflation numbers. We look at what's going on in all the changes. It's probably the best opportunity, the best time in history to be a home improvement contractor, because if you choose to step up for your family and your business and yourself and choose to play at a higher level, what happens?

Uh, success, man. Like what, what is success? Impact, impact, impact, uh, growth, and then impact not only to. You know, your clients, but also to your family members. Like you said, there's nothing more impactful than knowing that you have a vision, you have a path, you know, where you're heading and then being able to follow up on that and seeing the success in hindsight, seeing where you've stepped and been able to change the lives of people around you.

Super impact revenue percentages. And I'll speak to both of you since you've been here the longest. Um, What's the biggest difference? Those cause we used to have this program called the accelerator program. We have phased that out entirely. So if you're listening to this and you're inquiring, Hey, uh, I want to get in for that accelerator program.

We are no longer, no longer offering that because think of it like a pie, right? A pizza pie, the accelerator program was one slice out of that entire pizza pie. And you're left with the rest of it, which is the complete strategy. What's the biggest difference when it comes to revenue impact between those that are applying just in a single channel marketing advertising for lead generation acquisitions versus those that are playing at a full level?

Uh, what do you, what do you guys have on that? Um, yeah, I think the what first thing that comes to mind is the, I mean, the, the difference that it's going to make on return on investment, I think that that has to be your first goal is like, if you're not believing in a big return on investment, then I think you're, you're still being stuck in that position of playing small, because when it comes to, like you said, the whole pie, the whole pie, as far as far as a marketing strategy goes, It's going to cost to play big and to be able to market in all channels, through all channels.

But the return that you're going to, that you're going to see and the return that some of our clients have seen when they've like taken the initiative to actually invest in multiple channels has been, has been big. And that's the biggest thing. You see, give me just some numbers, data points here to share with.

I think that the best, um, example would be one of our, um, our, our guys, one of our, um, owners that he started off with us just lead generating and he had a goal of 600, 000. Um, that was his vision for 2023. And as we're working together, he is asking us to, uh, continue the efforts in SEO, in Google ads, in pretty much building the whole complete.

Contractor program with him and he ended the year at 900, 000. So that, that is for me, the best example of what it looks like because yes, he would have hit his 600, 000 goal with just the accelerator program, but once you added the rest of, of the program to, to what we, we were giving him, offering him, he, his, his revenue just increased by 300, 000.

So what is that? Like a third more? I don't know. Yeah. And he was just getting another slice of the pie. So he's not even fully implemented on the strategy. Exactly. He was just getting like, you know, three slices as opposed to the whole pie. And even with three slices, he like, you know, was able to, to generate, you know.

And that, that's on the more what I call. Those that are looking to get to seven figures and this is if you're under half a million dollars, like you're going to need to learn how to sell and you need leads for that. And that is going to be a great support system. Like you need to get lead sources. That are reliable for you and figure out how is it that I'm going to get my leads.

Uh, and I believe like you could probably get to a quarter million with just referrals, like just word of mouth referrals. Uh, and once you get to about a quarter million, if you're looking to break through past half a million dollars a year revenue, then you need some sort of, um, lead generation channel that could be Angus, Liz Home Advice or Facebook ads, Google ads.

And you start searching for those partners. A contract or click, we made it our mission to educate. And empower you by bringing you relevant information. So stay tuned to the channel because we are going to be giving you campaign templates, uh, how to do keyword research, how to start implementing some of this for yourself, or know if you're in good hands and you're playing at that level.

We also have some coaching opportunities where if you're looking to come in and get guidance and help and hands on in the implementation, this is not. We do it for you, but it's, you do it, self implemented. That is the greatest opportunity. That's for the entry level. Now, there are clients that this has been the difference maker between going from 1.

7 million to 5 million in a span of a year and a half. Yeah. I mean, massive growth. Yeah. And I think the biggest value in that is, is being able to have a marketing team. On your phone to literally pick up the phone and be like, I need, uh, to meet with you to discuss this target, this goal, this, um, vision that there's so much value in that having that one on one like person that you can reach out to, to really execute your, uh, your sale, your plan for the year, your, your marketing plan for the year has huge value.

Like you can't do that with one of those lead generating. companies that like, no, no, you can't do that. Even with like, you know, you hire like the SEO guy, just the pizza pie, just, and the web dev guy. Just do, do that exercise. Do that exercise. Like do do that right now. If you're listening in. And I'll have you chime in, in a second, do the pizza pie exercise.

And I love to do that because when you're looking at the revenue, you, you must understand, especially if you're, you're getting closer to seven figures and you're wondering, man, I've been just right there and it just hasn't hit. It's because you don't understand your numbers for scaling at a deep level and you need to know, okay, what's the breakdown?

What, what were, what was my average cost per lead and conversion by channel? Okay. Those are the monthly conversations Mady talking about. Because the moment you understand that and you're tracking and you're getting the reports every week and every month, you can hold accountability for yourself or your sales team.

And once you, you get passed through that initial phase in your business. Multimillion dollars is within reach like that's what that's the only difference between someone that's trying to break through seven figures Someone that's breaking through multi seven figures is you understand yourselves and marketing spend a number so that the the pie I was gonna say apple pie cuz I like We got to get one so

So the pie exercise, uh, do it. And, and if you don't have a marketing budget, this is your starting point to know, Hey, what am I looking to do for, for my business in 2024? Yeah. And if you do have, um, like we have a client, I'm not going to mention his name, if you're listening, I love you, bro. Um, but the reality is how you ask him, Hey, what's your, your Google ads with the current provider?

No idea, no idea. Ad spend cost per lead, no data. You should know that you should have a good grip into what's going on in your ad work. A couple of other guys trying to come into our world right now. We have a wait list. And if you're hopping in and going to our website, et cetera, there's probably going to be a wait list until, um, somewhere a little bit past Q1 of 2024.

That's just the capacity and our growth capacity here. Um, and make sure that you go to our website, Constructor dot click and submit your information if you want to be put on that wait list. Um, but this individual specifically, he had no clue. He's like, I know I'm putting money on Facebook and then on Google.

And, um, and then like two days later, he's like, I've been spending a hundred dollars on each one of those channels a month and I've been paying for SEO and no results. I'm like, okay, there you go. Uh, and, um, the beautiful thing is as a home improvement constructor, you have high tickets. Like, you're not selling a 50 widget like I did back in the day with a 5 percent margin on e commerce products.

So uh, you have the greatest opportunity to build an incredible business that supports you and your family. And that's what we're here to do. Can I add on that to that? So I, I believe, so I have a real estate background and I feel like it's no difference, you know, I know that we live in a very saturated market and, um.

As a real estate agent, you know, I am constantly up against other competitors who are trying to offer the same product, you know and for us You know, I believe that in your thinking mind of like where you want to be like What is your goal in mind? You have to just reverse engineer, you know start with the end in mind, you know, and um Know that it is a competitive market, but we want your clients your specific clients to not think of you as an option But think of you as the option as the only option and with a team like this we can help achieve that Absolutely, which is is one of our core promises here is we want to bring you homeowners who see you as the ultimate choice Like the, the, the past couple of years, again, we, we serve our clients to the best of our abilities in accelerator, but there's a handful of clients that we started noticing, Hey, there's some commonalities here.

And a couple of them is like the mindset, you got to break through this level of thinking like, Hey, this ad spend is going to give me multimillion dollar business. No, like at some point in time, you're going to understand and quantify your marketing spend per acquisition per job. And that is probably the biggest shift that you were.

Uh, tapping on, which is the way that we manage accounts here. We're no longer seeing ourselves as a marketing, another marketing agency. If you're looking for an SEO provider, give me Google ads and this, like there are other agencies that can better serve you at that level of communication. We're putting ourselves in a partnership level communication with our clients.

And the beautiful piece is that we do not get an equity on your business. However, these are the very same models that growth companies that acquire other businesses leverage and use. This is one of our mentors is inspired us to move in this direction. He's like, what are you guys doing here? And we explained the whole model accelerator, client success, and we have a high retention, one of the highest in the industry for marketing agencies.

Um, gladly say, I don't think we've turned a client in the past 60 days. No, we have not. We have not. That's unheard of in the advertising and marketing space. And one of our core rules here is like, Hey, we don't lie to clients, like whatever it is, is it bad? If it's so bad, we're going to own up to it. Uh, going back to the conversation here, the growth partnership that we're developing is, is really understanding just like a fractional.

CMO would of understanding every channel that you must maximize. And, and I'd love to hear from some of you guys, what are you most excited about that going from the accelerator to now the complete contractor program? What are you guys most excited and your clients are most excited about, uh, here in, in, in the, uh, the rollout of the complete contractor program.

I'm so excited to just see our, our clients like fully embrace total domination when it comes to the digital space. Give me some of the channels. So, I mean, uh, introducing YouTube. Uh, into introducing, uh, remarketing through Google, um, You know, we, we have a lot of initiatives that are coming, obviously Facebook, Instagram, that type of Facebook ads is, is, is not going anywhere, but when it comes to really utilizing a platform like YouTube to not, not put an ad in front of our, uh, our, you know, our clients, possible consumers, it's more of like building the rapport, almost like creating a sales pitch before you even, like our clients even get to the home.

Uh, what would that do that? That's going to build so much more of a. Strong reputation for our clients if you know, they see an ad on Facebook They maybe log into the client's website and then now, you know They go and they're gonna watch a YouTube video at the end of the night and there they are There's the client that they had just saw seen ads and websites all day and now it's like, okay Well, this is a client that that is everywhere.

The reputation is there and that's the whole point is and This is we've gotten it down to the point that You're using the CRM that we provide for you and throughout the entire client customer journey of your customer's journey, they're getting a different type of messaging. Render to them. So this is not like remarketing where we put a little tag manager and now you're going to get seen everywhere.

No, it's intentional remarketing that exit the prospects. Once you've sold them, you don't need to keep showing them your business anymore. They're already your clients. Uh, right. But during that sales process, imagine your sales person having more support, like having more sales, branding, marketing support by being in the channels.

Where they are like if they just became a lead and they didn't they didn't book an estimate guess what there's a specific type of remarketing once you drag them into book estimate and before you show up at the sales call guess what there's a different type of message and Mady what do you coordinate in every quarter for our clients man I I'm I think right now um in What am I coordinating?

I think for me, it's the Facebook ad strategy, man. That to me is, I am so proud of that strategy and the entire, uh, way that we use Facebook to, to do the marketing is, is, We're manipulating the entire funnel, the entire funnel through lots of different objectives and different ways to show up on Facebook.

Can you do that on a thousand dollar ad budget? No. No, I'm sorry. But you know what? You know what? But you can get close. You can try. It's just not going to give you the full impact. No, because I think that when you, when you join, when you see us for, you see this program, this strategy for what it is, you realize that it's not.

It's not necessarily all the leads and leads and leads and leads. It is important. Obviously, that's a very important thing. But it's also the, hey, I went into the hardware store today and the guy recognized me because he saw my ad on, on Facebook, uh, that right then and there is so huge because then you're creating a.

This community within you, where you live and people are seeing who you are and distinguishing you as the person who, who is the person that's going to provide this service that you provide. And I, that's my favorite thing that, that for me, that, that we're rolling out because all of that can be achieved.

The leads that come out actually are better, better lead quality. There's one component, um, I want you to speak on is the websites. What's happening with our client websites, the ones that are not up to par. Yeah, well just to go on off of that with the whole piece of the puzzle like yes, you know, we are doing the Facebook Marketing and stuff, but you know, they still have questions and they still want to know more And so we need to make sure that our website is up to par because with those questions we can have answers by them just easily accessing your website, click to learn more, get a free quote, you know, contact us.

And it kind of just gives them a little bit of peace of mind. Um, but it does have to, it has to be up to par, you know, your website has to have an easy flow that they, it's not confusing when they go on. It's, it's vibrant. It's easy to manage and pictures, pictures, exactly. Gallery account. Yep. Before and after.

Yeah. Yeah. It's a complete makeover. I mean, think about, and this is why. This, this year is a very strategic year for us where we're not going massively attacking. Uh, we are bringing education at the forefront, so make sure you follow us on socials because I'm going to be releasing it all. I spent probably the past three years and a half, maybe four years coaching other agency owners on how to grow and scale.

I've grown over a dozen agencies to multi seven figures, um, and it's been an honor to serve them. And you know what? I'm going to give you the same playbooks I've given them, uh, which is crazy. It's unheard of, uh, in this space. And quite literally, I'm going to give it away for free. All you have to do is follow us on YouTube.

Um, and make sure that you're subscribed to our social media channels. Now, um, the website is a big piece. It's a big component. I believe that your website is the difference between you closing a job, uh, or them going to a competitor. Like you're, you're just that far away. And if you're not leveraging the website on the sales process, um, like I was just talking to Luke right now.

Uh, he's massively growing his agency in the landscape space right now. And, uh, it was, he was asking me, it was like, Hey, what do you think about integrating the video piece into the, I said, if you're trying to sell luxury. And I put a website that has no video and, you know, and I have a one that's an elegant website flow with a video that's superior.

It showcases the company, the brand, which one do you think as a homeowner I'm going to choose? Right. And like, that's part of it is a big, big piece. Something magical happens when I'm a consumer and I see your ad on Facebook and I see you and your team. And then I click on your website and I see you and your team, and then you or someone from your team shows up at my door, I'm like, wow, I'm seeing someone that I know already, or this is, I, in my mind, as your Ideal avatar, because it is me, 40 year old woman, homeowner, who wants to have, fix their garage, or whatever, or get pavers, or paint their home.

I get so excited to see the person that I've been seeing on the Facebook ad, on the website, like literally show up at my door. I feel like I already trust you because I already know you. So, there's something magical that happens when, when you have all that put together. Feels real. It feels real. It feels like you're a real human, me driving my human element.

You bring a proven sales process added with this level of marketing is what you've been dreaming about. It's going to make you look 10 times bigger in the eyes of your prospects. I can guarantee you this. You roll this out for three months in full capacity in its full program extension. Your prospects are going to all tell you the same thing.

We saw you everywhere like that's it you're there opening up their Fox news or CNN. You're there. They go to YouTube. You're there. They go to Facebook. You're there. They go to Instagram. You're there. They Google search. You're there. Incredible. So, uh, again, when you add up the pieces, like every channel gives you a different ROI, every channel gives you a different rendering.

When you bring it together, you're going to have a combined result. Um, it could by number that's going to let you know, Hey, what should you be planning for? And that's where the quarterly calls come in. We have monthly calls with the account managers, but also the quarterly realignment calls because Hey, this is a political year, right?

Like there's going to be some, some, some things that are going to be curveballs for you. And if you're not 100 percent dialed in into what's bringing you returns, uh, you're in for a rude awakening. That's just the reality of what it is. So, uh, this is time to level up Uh, and um, what is happening to our accelerator program at the end of q1 Mady?

We're just continuing it For our current clients. Yeah, so they have the opportunity We've extended the opportunity for them to level up with us and come in and play full out You get very special pricing by the way, so you get ridiculously amazing. We're going to take care of you And at the same token your company Your company is going to thank you for it.

Um, your team members are going to thank you for it. Yeah, it's a no brainer like I've heard time and time again. Yeah, we only got a couple of minutes here. Uh, but uh, what's one key highlight that you're excited about our clients taking advantage of the Complete Contractor program? Well, I would just have to say you can be the absolute best in your area.

And offer the best product But if we if you don't allow us to showcase it well and be able to utilize all the different areas Then we're missing it, you know, so i'm excited that we're not just going to be continuing to market But we're going to be able to showcase And um, let your area be known by who you are and what you offer Yeah, I'm excited for when I get to have the conversation with the clients when we first introduced and they looked at us like, Okay, I'm so excited for the conversation when it's like, Hey, how was last quarter?

And they're like, Man, I'm on track to my goal. That's right. That's what I'm crushing. Yeah, that's good. Yeah, Maddie. I'm excited. You guys both took everything that I was going to say. I'm excited for, for that number call and that revenue call and that accountability that we're going to have with each other because it's not just you're going to have with me, but I'm going to have with you because I will, we will reach out to you.

We like, Hey, remember you promised me this, this, and that I need it for this. This and that. I'm very excited about that, about that accountability and that, that numbers driven, I'm Uh, vision, that plan that we can have to move the multiplication. Wait a second, every marketing agency does that. No they don't.

Yeah. No, no they don't. No they don't. It's, it's, this is. That's not true. Uh, team we've been working, again, we, we're part of different, um, coaching programs and masterminds, et cetera. One of our mentors has been working with us to refine and redefine this process. Someone that's played at a very big level, um, in life and in business.

Um, and this was one of the pivot points for us is to make a decision, are we going to allow our clients to continue to play small? Uh, and this is the year to rise. Like you, you're given the greatest opportunity of your lifetime right now, 2024, and you get to decide you're in the driver's seat. This is your vehicle.

Now, what we're doing here is we can put you on a bigger and a better vehicle, or you can continue moving at the same pace. So we're going to give you a V8, I mean, turbo engines, you name it. We're going to put you in a jet, uh, and we're going to fly and soar. Is it all perfect and rainbows and sunshine? No, it's your business.

We got to grow your reputation, but at the same token, the full execution and momentum, it's a snowball effect that when you look at it two quarters down the line, you'd be like, man, this has been the best thing. And you're going to get an ROI. How about a Tesla and they're like the self driving Tesla and we're the ones driving the vehicle and they're just in the driver's seat.

There you go. Yeah. Yeah. It's been fun. It's been fun team. All right. So we got to head out here. Contractor click podcast here. Stay tuned. This is not just for like, uh, Some people may be thinking, well, are you still doing epoxy and concrete coatings? 1 million percent. Uh, we're only getting better and attracting better people.

And we're here to serve. Uh, and the beautiful thing is you get to be a part of it. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. We'll see you on the next one. Take care.