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Concrete Marketing Crew is now Contractor CLick!

Click "play" for the full announcement!

official press release: business insider

why the rebrand?

We are on a mission to impact the lives of 1,000 home improvement contractors, and this gives us the opportunity to serve more partners while honoring our service area exclusivity, dedicated support, and industry specialty!

Our CREW is growing, our coaching team is growing, and we're ready to help our partners and coaching clients grow to the next level with superior support, service, and media!

We're stoked to be able to bring even more value through our social media content by sharing best practices, and giving all of our amazing strategies and best practices to growing contractors!

what does this mean?

  • Concrete Marketing Crew clients - we're only getting better for YOU! 
  • We're evolving from just being a marketing agency to a Media Company & Growth Partner.
  • We're establishing new relationships with industry leaders to bring our community more value.
  • We are rolling out new niches strategically.
  • Expect more goodness!

2024 roadmap:

  • In-person coaching & training facility to bring your team
  • Live & virtual events
  • Specialty monthly webinars
  • More amazing social media content