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Strategies for Maximizing and Stabilizing Your Pipeline in 2024: Masterclass Replay

In today's competitive home improvement market, a steady stream of qualified leads is the lifeblood of your business. But with the digital marketing landscape constantly shifting, keeping up with the most effective strategies can feel overwhelming.

The good news? Contractor Click has you covered. Our founder, Danny Barrera, recently hosted a powerful masterclass specifically designed to help home improvement contractors like you maximize lead flow in 2024. We're talking actionable insights and proven strategies to supercharge your lead generation efforts and watch your business thrive.

Ready to unlock the secrets to a flourishing lead pipeline?


Main Topics from Contractor Click Masterclass
  1. Understanding Your Audience and Platform Presence: Contractors must grasp their audience's online habits and diversify their presence across platforms like Google, Instagram, and TikTok to boost visibility and engagement.
  2. SEO and Google AdWords Strategy Optimization: Thorough keyword research and well-structured AdWords campaigns are crucial for home improvement contractors to reduce lead costs and ensure visibility for relevant searches. This is how to enhance online discoverability.
  3. The Power of Social Media for Engagement and Leads: Leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Nextdoor allows contractors to showcase work, engage with prospects, and connect with local projects and clients for increased brand recognition and leads for contractors.
  4. Content Creation Tips for Maximum Impact: Curating engaging content such as progress videos, Q&As, and DIY tips helps demonstrate expertise, build trust with the audience, and set the brand apart in a competitive market.
  5. Utilizing Podcasts and Video Marketing to Stand Out: Embracing newer formats like podcasts and YouTube videos enables contractors to provide valuable insights, showcase quality work, and enhance lead generation and brand awareness.

Audio Transcription

Welcome to Contractor Clicks, Maximize and Stabilize Your Lead Flow in 2024. This is a special time for us. On Fridays, we tend to meet with CoatMaster Lab students and members to discuss and talk about growing, a concrete coating and decorative concrete business. Today's conversation is going to be for Concrete Coatings, Decorative Concrete, Home Improvement Contractors. So if you're here.

It would be helpful for us to know and for me to know, where you're from and the name of your company so that we can celebrate you and connect with you. Type in the name of your company right in the chat. 

That would be amazing.

So that being said, let's get right to it team. we're going to be sharing quite a bit of information with you. So what I do recommend is if you have a pen and paper handy, there's going to be a time, during each transition that. You're going to have the time to ask questions.

This is an interactive, workshop where you get to learn, but also ask questions and give us your feedback and your experience and what you're noticing. And the goal is that you walk away empowered, knowing how to maximize and stabilize your lead flow in 2024.

that being said, let's get started. Those of you that don't know me, my name is Danny Barrera. I am the founder of ConTractorClick, formerly Concrete Marketing Crew. I always get tied up here because we recently had a great rebrand here. We're, based out of South Florida. Now our mission is to impact the lives of 1000 home improvement contractors by helping them grow profitable businesses.

And that is my friends by the end of next year. Believe it or not. it's closer than you think. And we're on that mission and you are part of that mission. So the reason why we like to put together this master classes, the summits, any effort that we have as far as educational pieces to empower you guys to be able to elevate yourselves and your businesses.

What we're looking to do is to help you grow your brand, optimize your customer's journey and generate your best prospects and Online through digital marketing. a little bit about us here. These are some of our crew members. Right here. us base. We have crew members in the United States, our account management teams, media buyers in the U S as well as overseas, Argentina and the Philippines, et cetera.

What I want to do is stop the share so that, some of our team members can say hi. Andrew, what's going on, Andrea? You want to say hi? Hey, good to see you guys.

I'm glad you're here and I hope you get a lot of value out of today. Yup. Louis, what about you, man? It's going great, man. So happy to be here. Happy to see all of you guys. I'm excited. I'm very excited. beautiful. And Mr. Isaac just started not too long ago. What's going on, Isaac?

How's your day going so far? It's going really well. I'm excited to be here. It's a great day to, share, get to see everybody and to go back and forth and see how we could best suit your team. Beautiful. Love it. Taffy, what's going on, Taffy? You want to say hi? Hi, everyone. Nice weekend and nice Friday.

That's right. Taffy Crusher said, Ruby, what's going on? You want to say hi to us? hi everyone. have a great Friday. And I'm so excited with this first masterclass of ConstructorPitch. Yeah, that's right. And, we have a couple of other team members who are not on this call, but just want to commend them.

Renzo, you want to say hi to us? Renzo is really the mastermind behind getting everyone's email and Zoom links. What's going on your end, Renzo? Yeah, hello. got their own background, but that's fine. I usually am in the background. Hello everybody. Yes, sir. Hey man, I appreciate you, brother. thank you for, coming over.

And, helping us out with the technology. So that being said, these are some of our crew members. I appreciate everyone that makes it here to this cause because we are here all to support you, and also learn together as a team. So a little bit of our crew values. I believe that our crew values are what drive us and what unify us as a team.

We believe in commitment to being the best version of ourselves so that we can be that for our families, our loved ones, and our team members. And most importantly, we're here, we are here to serve, which is our clients. next is responsibility is we embrace responsibility with our tasks. This is how we honor ourselves, honor God.

Through this process, excellence, we aim for personal and professional excellence by paying attention to quality control and the details and world class, can only be achieved through consistency in excellence. And this is something I'm passionate about. And, I shared this the other days, one of our clients, Lance inspired me to rewrite the crew values, our core values a couple of years ago when I first met him.

So anyways, these are our crew values that we operate around here. And, What I want to start off with as we dive into the conversation is just get your feedback on the chat and I want to hear, are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in 2024? One of them could be increased marketing costs, just as overall, the cost of marketing has gone up.

Has it gone up for you? Yes or no? Don't know type it into the chat. homeowners holding tighter to their dollars. Yes. No, maybe just typing into the chat so that we can get some feedback, slower decision making. Are you finding that the beginning, the first three months, January, February, March.

People were taking a little bit longer to make the decisions. And are you finding homeowners holding off on projects? Yes or no? Just type it into the chat team so that we can, we can get some feedback here. Let me read it off. it's going up. Yeah. One hundred percent. So Dave, All American. Okay. So type it into the chat.

How is this resonating with you? These are some of the symptoms we have clients throughout the entire United States, and we've seen a split difference. Some of our clients are having record breaking months. We have clients, one of our clients, he just, let us know the update, he crossed over a 200, 000, for the month mark worth of projects.

And this is like his sixth month in business has never owned a coating company before. and he's part of the complete contractor program. So these are some of the feedbacks that we've been getting as we're having strategy calls and sales calls, from different contractors throughout the country. yep.

It's been pretty split, but I want you to consider this as a business owner. You have three things to put into the equation. The first one is the economics. And this is something I'm passionate about is looking at numbers and studying data and looking at trends. and this is a completely new landscape financially.

So regardless of who you want to listen to, whatever school of thought is, no one really knows because it's a brand new landscape. You have so much technology, so much development, there is an abundance of resources like never before. and there is no lack of money. However, I would throw it in the election year into the mix and it's a different curveball.

we also have, what we call the COVID gold rush, which, just happened to fly through us a couple of years ago. If you remember COVID typing COVID in the chat, let me see who still remembers the good old vid, here. yeah, it was a scary time for some people. So that being said, that COVID gold rush money.

Has started to dry up and now people are finding themselves in different pocket pockets. We're also seeing the geography movement from different states to other states. and this has created this. up and down trends throughout the country, which has us thinking, Hey, where's the pattern here? like I said before, the financial landscape is very different for everyone in every state.

And that's why I started asking that question here. Now, second thing to consider is the labor force. Statistically speaking, the labor force is still a challenge for most contractors. That means that the abundance of labor that there once was, you take it a few years back before COVID, it was easier to recruit, hire, train someone with skills.

It was easier to get, someone to come into your business and help you run the business. this is still a challenge and we are finding that to be also true for us as digital marketers, as a marketing agency, marketer partner, it's still a challenge labor. and the third thing, which to me is the most important for everyone here, who's leading a company is the leadership part, leadership.

and what I recommend is you look at yourself in the mirror and this is a real conversation you've got to have, which is, Hey, in order for things to get better, I must be willing to take the lead and face the conversations of lead flow of the growth and the scaling in my business. Because at the end of the day, the economy has nothing to do with how I choose to show up every day.

Regardless of the economy, I'm going to continue to show up regardless of the economy. We have some goals, some targets to, to make. And yes, there's strategies and growth patterns that you can ride, for your business, which will make it easier in many instances. But at the end of the day, the person who's in the driver's seat of your company's growth, it's not meta.

It's not suck. It's not Facebook ads. It's not Google. It's you, my friend. And I want you to retrospect on that because as we're having this conversation today, we are here to maximize and stabilize the lead flow for those that are looking to stabilize. So you don't need to participate in what the world subscribes to out there.

You get to create your own economy and by far, Marketing and advertising still produces the highest ROI than any other investment. And I'm not telling you this because I own a marketing agency. I'm telling you this because in the best investment opportunity you have, unless Isaac, you went back quite a few years and you bought the Bitcoin when it was 30 cents and you held on to it, that would probably be the one challenge here to this fact right here.

Unless that was the case. From an investment perspective, Isaac, you've been in a multitude of businesses, multi million dollar companies, etc. What business, what investment opportunities do you know that can give you 100, 200, 300x ROI every single day? Month, it's hard to find one. If you're a fan of monopoly, that's a really good way to do that too.

these, sorts of things don't exist having a guaranteed ROI on, something is very non existent, right? look at the market. Even if you put your money into basic mutual funds and just let the compound interest go, you're going to see virtually guaranteed results over the span of decades.

You're talking 20, 30, 40 decades to see that money come back. But, in this application, You can't go in and just quickly throw your money into something and expect a multiple hundred percent of an ROI. It's non existent. So being able to control what you can output and see that ROI within your own service and your own product is quite easily the best way to experience those sorts of gains in a much shorter time.

100%. So this is the greatest time to be alive. quite frankly. this is the greatest time for the smallest of players, to have an even playing field. You don't need to have this big brand. you don't need to be backed by multi million dollars of investments. Although that can be helpful when you're running multi channel.

Advertising and marketing and omnipresence. and you want to create, different partnerships, regional business, et cetera. However, for the smallest businesses, we, this happens time and time again, I'm just going to put myself here on the screen is we've seen it time and time again. Individuals that have come here without ever running a concrete coating business and they're on their way to seven figures, multi seven figures in the shortest amount of time.

Homebuilders, remodelers, et cetera, they can accomplish it much shorter, probably four or six months, just a few projects and they're up on their way. So with that being said, this is the intention of understanding, in order for you as a business owner to lead and navigate your business, you've got to embrace this mindset of marketing has got to be the last thing before I go bankrupt.

I learned that from one of my mentors, Garrett J. White. It's one of my mentors and coaches, in personal development. And he says, marketing is the last thing that you cut off before you stop breathing in business. and ever since then, this has been our motto, and this is why you see us investing in our own market and our own advertising, because we actually walk the talk.

We're not telling you to invest into advertising and marketing, and we're going to do it for ourselves. can't say that for everyone. out there, but it's very important is what moves the needle forward consistently. that being said, let's get right into it. Maximize your lead flow. We're going to examine three areas, three channels specifically that I want you to write some notes and get some ideas and strategies.

Now, if you're part of the contract or click family, concrete marketing, profanity, awesome, make sure you write some notes, questions that you have for your account managers, the class success managers here so that you can have those conversations and go deeper. For execution. So let's get right to it. When I look at the home improvement, landscaping, we're studying the pay per click conversation, which pay per click is the fastest path to ROI.

Let me say that again. Pay per click advertising is the fastest path to an ROI. That means I can invest this month and I can expect to have an ROI this specific month. And we're going to talk about the different channels here. And how do you consider, okay, what is it exactly that I'm doing through my Google ads advertising strategy?

What does that even look like? My advertising just for search, my advertising for my brand name, my advertising, for competitor terms and my advertising for every relevant term, or am I just letting the Google ads? strategy run on its own. And if you have not considered Google ads, it's still from a research perspective from a home owner to, the research process is still the number one.

It still comes up as the number one place where good, where individuals go and make their research. if you are in home services, plumbing, restoration roofing, et cetera, What we're noticing is Google ads without Google ads, you're pretty much going to go out of business. And it's harder to scale a business without the Google ads.

Now, let me say this. Write this down. Everyone here, write this down. L S a LSA for some contractor verticals. It's not for everyone for home improvement. It's for some, you have the LSA option, which means that you have the opportunity to get into Google's lead network. And what Google does is they actually sell you the lead directly.

Instead of paying per click, you can pay Google so that it can, they can send you the leads and there is a ranking factor where you optimize your Google business listing, you get more reviews than the competitors and you're pretty much showing up all the way on top. So if you're a roofer, for example, you definitely want to have LSA running, water damage, restoration.

Absolutely. You want to have it plumber. It's, gotta be one of those things. For some of us, which are running concrete coating. Decorative concrete. We don't have the LSA available to us. Now in some territories, you will start noticing LSA slowly rolling out. My guess is by the end of 2024, we'll have LSA running for the concrete coatings, like a proper concrete coatings, LSA category.

So you can Google, you can literally make the research of LSA for epoxy flooring, LSA for concrete polishing, LSA for concrete contractors, and you might not find it yet. So just keep checking on it. If you're one of our clients, we'll let you know when that option becomes available because it will help you manage and scale your Google ads advertising at an even deeper level than you can do solely with a landing page, Google search, pay per click ad campaign.

Okay, that being said, let's move into the second, which this channel is by far is, the one that has the highest volume. And I put this here second Instagram, Facebook meta advertising, meta ads, Facebook advertising. I put it there second because he has the highest volume. Does not mean that it has the highest level of conversions.

For example, you get a Google lead, that lead is gonna convert much higher at the end of the day. We've done thorough analysis on this, the numbers even themselves out, so you get less leads here, more conversions, you get more leads here, less conversions. But they all, even themselves out to the point that we made it our mission to tell our clients, you gotta do both.

there is no negotiation in this economy to just swing it with one. And the reason being is when you're running Facebook and Instagram ads, guess what a consumer is going to do? They're going to see your ad. And if they're not market or product aware, they're going to go back out to Google search, make a quick Google search.

And if you're not showing up. On top of the ads, guess what? You're going to lose that, that opportunity there. So the moment that you're running Facebook and Instagram ads, you are creating and your competitors are also creating that demand in your service area. Same thing. If you're running television ads.

You've got to be showing up in these other channels here. we have then through Facebook and Instagram meta, which I want to make sure you bring, you understand this is the remarketing. That means if someone clicks on our landing page through Google ads. They're going to see your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Luis, are you with us? Can you just give me some feedback into the budget allocation you recommend for a Facebook and Instagram remarketing from a website or landing page, what, should the daily budget before that remarketing campaign? 3, 3 a day is enough to farm an audience for remarketing.

Literally, just 3. 3. And that 3, and as you get more conversions, you start creating lookalike audiences, and then boom. Exactly. You go on scale. the remarketing that you do, so all of it comes together, all of this becomes remarkable. And this is a big thing about maximizing and stabilizing your lead flow is If you don't own your ad accounts This is a time to make sure you own your ad accounts because the data you want to be the owner of your own data this is something we do with all of our clients.

We make sure it's their accounts Sometimes our takeoff takes a little bit longer because they got to get approved set up and all of that But at the end of the day, it's their best long term safest strategy So facebook and instagram advertising Again, it's the second channel, highest volume for home improvement.

The third one I'm putting here, and this one is going to be one that you might see, become more and more popular this year is the YouTube advertising. Now, for example, we have one of our clients here, Tim, who we love. we're going to go into, his, area next. next, next weekend, it, I think it's next week, next weekend, we're going to be spending a couple of days with him.

And guess what? We're going to be capturing video content for his YouTube channel, for his website. But some of those videos are going to become YouTube ads, and they're going to be remarketing campaigns to what everyone else has seen already on a landing page, on a website, et cetera. Because now when someone goes from, searching you, your services up, they click on your website.

They go to YouTube later on that they submit their information and now they see the truck rolling in with your crew in there installing the floors. They might be more likely than not to trust you more and do business with you. So maximizing lead flow and maximizing opportunities is more about becoming omnipresent.

And this is another one here, Louis, let me ask you this question again. How much money should you be spending into YouTube remarketing? 5 a day. 5 a day. So type in the five number five in the chat. I think everyone can do it. And that's the thing is this is why we have Teffy here. For example, she's our amazing video, editor, graphic designer. She crushes it for our clients.

And at the end of the day, what we want to do is create creatives that stand up in the feed, stand out in the feed, and in the social media, especially on YouTube, those pre roll ads, and remarketing. There's two types of remarketing. I want to emphasize here, we go back. One of them is, the display remarketing.

Which, for example, you go to Fox news or CNN, MSNBC, you go to, any and Bloomberg, and you're looking at your stock numbers and you see those ads showing up on the right hand side, those square ads, those are display ads. Now, another form of remarketing is what we explained before. It's YouTube remarketing.

Those are great execution campaigns. It's in this year. More than ever, I want to encourage you to go all in because you don't need to spend a lot more in every channel. You just need to be wise enough to be there so that you become the go to omnipresent contractor. we could, you could pretty much hop off this call here and take this run with this right here, and you will be doing much better than your competitors who are not.

That is the reality of this. no exaggeration. Now I want to, introduce this right here. this one platform, which if you have not, created your profile in next door, go ahead, put that on your list, write that down next door. So homework assignment real quick. Is if you have not created your account ad accounts in all of these platforms here Just go ahead and create the google ads account.

For example, if you don't have one, youtube ads Maybe you don't have a youtube channel. Maybe this is the time to create your company's youtube channel Make sure it's got the right logo all the information about your company, etc and next door It's just like a Google business listing. It's just like that.

And what you want to do, the key to next door is you can also create a post, just like you do on Facebook and boost that post. And that post is going to go out to your community and showcase the beautiful floors that you do, or the beautiful transformations, patios, pool decks, everything you do, for your, For your, for your clients.

next door, it's a big opportunity. Do not sleep on it. The key to getting the highest ranked in next door is simple team. It's reviews. So one of my favorite things to do is if you have a client base, you can go ahead and ask your clients. If you have family members that live in town, you can ask your family members, team members, all of them.

It's, it's definitely easier to get more reviews on next door than it is on Google. business or Yelp because anyone can give you a review and it's not a big deal. just letting you know, we've had clients that have never had presence in next door and all of a sudden it becomes a channel where they're squeezing out another six, seven, eight floors a month.

You boost those posts, you create the presence, you're going to get calls, you're going to get referrals and all of that. That's the process with next door. So don't sleep on it, home improvement. And, and that's for the PPC pay per click. Now, here's the key scale through KPIs. And I want to give you our KPIs internally.

What is it that we're looking for when it comes to pay per click advertising for home improvement contractors? And this is done channel by channel. Every channel is going to be entirely differently. let me give you an example. For example, we had a client who a multimillion dollar company, his cost per lead.

Was somewhere around two two hundred and eighty dollars per lead in the wintertime Coast cost per job acquisition an average of 5, 000 job was somewhere around twelve hundred dollars a year prior came over to us got it down to eight hundred dollars this last winter Chopped it off But the cost per lead was still high We just added the automations, the CRM, the lead engagement process to it.

and he was able to stabilize. That's an extreme situation there. What you want to figure out is the cost per lead, and then calculate the cost per acquisition, because through the cost per acquisition, you can look at your numbers and your profitability and ensure that you're staying within margin.

Last thing I want to do is have you put all this money into out, start making money and not knowing your numbers and then go upside down fairly quick. So for that to scale the cost per lead and cost per acquisition, that it, those are relevant numbers. Those are numbers we can look at as far as the lagging indicators, the analytics, what's Given to us at the end of the day, the one number I want you to control is your conversion.

And the conversion comes in a way of appointment set and sold job appointment set, sold job sales conversion. If you have not gotten a grip on the sales conversion, or you're the only one doing it great. This is the time to go back to the drawing board and just look at the last five, jobs that you've tried to sell.

What was your closing percentages? Or maybe you have a new salesperson, right? So this is a time to get deeper into understanding your numbers. Luis, I'm going to ask you again one more time here. What does this conversation look like with our clients on a month to month basis? I think it's also, it's breaking down the big number and into small monthly numbers to Really be able to track where you're at, because at the end of the day, if you don't know where you're at, how do you know how close or how far you are to your goal?

And also this is scalable, right? The moment we reverse engineer production for our clients, which is something I invite everyone to do is reverse engineer your production and reverse engineer your KPIs. It's going to give you a good idea into how much you should be investing to market and advertising, and then dial in every single month, improve And see how you've done year over year, month over month.

this is it. As simple as it gets. very important for you to, take a picture of this. If you have not, I'm gonna make sure that we get the replay for this. The lead maximizer tip for you, if you're doing pay per click advertising or looking to get into it or currently doing it with us, and, you're thinking about what we're doing different this year out in the YouTube, mix, as well as the pictures and all of that.

I want you to understand that the superior creative and the superior offer plus the omnipresence is going to be the fastest path to increase your conversion. Let me say that again, the superior, the creative, and the creative is the visual, the picture. So if you're running ads, like everyone else is out there and it looks the same way, and everyone's offer is the same 250 off Louis, they're running the same garage floor picture.

It looks a little bit different. it's probably going to have the offer or the ad fatigue. People are not going to respond to it as much. So we want to make sure those are fresh standing out. Same thing with the videos. We want to make sure that they've disrupted the feeds and we're getting right through it, plus building the omnipresence because once they've consumed a piece of video from us or a piece of the ad and maybe they click, but they did not convert, we remarket them and they convert somewhere else.

Super powerful in this mix. Maddie, are you with us? What else would you add here in the pay per click conversations? I think you've talked about all of it. I think the last one, you just said right now, if you don't convert here, you're going to convert somewhere else.

I think that's the best part about like just making sure that you're everywhere. You need to be everywhere because there's a different audience that uses a different platform for a different purpose. And you have a different audience that lives in a different. Place for a different reason and the best thing to do is to make sure that you have all your bases covered And you make sure that they see your stuff In anywhere and everywhere that they hang out in and also in terms of the creatives, which is so very important it's very important to stand out because a lot of people don't see the difference between certain ads for example, and if your ad looks like everybody else's, it's gonna Kind of fall through the cracks.

So you gotta be, you always have to be thinking about different ways to be creative and stop the scroll and do the things that, that will have people stop for a minute and click on the ad, even if they don't click on it the first time, the more seconds on your ad, how many seconds do you give it?

Listen, if you haven't captured the person within the first three seconds, like You the more person stops on your ad the more they're gonna it's gonna pop up on their feet So yeah, yeah, and Google reward Facebook rewards that YouTube as well the longer people stay on that ad you get a little bit cost purse Cost per view and that's what moves the needle good stuff.

Thank you. Yeah. Yep You want to be disruptive in your service area write this down? How can I be disruptive in my? Service area this year with my video ad. as, we have team here, what I love about Tim is, man, you're having us come over, man. We're going to create some amazing video ads, and I can't wait to roll those out because those will be disruptive.

we definitely want to help you stand out, in the feed. Now I want to slow down here for a second. We got questions. Are you finding this helpful? Do you have any questions? Type it into the chat here. Type it into the chat, please. and let me see here. Type it into the chat. And Andrew, I don't know if you've been catching some comments here that you want to share with us.

Anything that's standing out to you? Yeah, I was sharing in the comments. ben Said, sometimes there's a video he's putting out weekly videos of the process the products testimonials that sort of thing And then should we repurpose them or should we not and would it over saturate overwhelm the feed?

and I i'll let you know I was watching a training on this just the other day on viral coach and they were Definitely saying repurpose You So you're going to, you're going to reformat it a little bit. You're not going to share the exact same video. You might change the thumbnail, change the length, add a different hook in the beginning.

You might even film something new in the beginning, or rearrange the clips. But I think we sometimes burn ourselves out on just trying to get new on the videos when really we have some great content and they can show that project again, especially if it was a superior project that, you don't have the same followers as you did 60, 90 days ago.

There's a chance to even show it to people that are new followers or the algorithm may have missed. And then also using those as ads if you know that went well organically. Yeah. Love it. Love it. Tim, I would love to hear from you. What's standing out to you the most in this conversation?

Unmute yourself, Tim. Let's see. Where's Tim at? There you go. Can you hear me? Yeah, I don't even know how I got this background. It looks great. Yeah, there we go. but yeah, no, I think everything is great. I completely agree. I'm really excited about you guys coming out and we have a long list of things that we want to do just to shake things up.

Up whenever people are finding us, through the automation, utilizing the videos through automations with the customers, document every single part of our process. And we just have a lot of just cool ideas that just, I really am looking forward to trying, but everything you're saying, I completely agree with next door is one thing that we've been really wanting to get set up, which we haven't done that.

that's actually on our list, next week, to do as well, because I want to push with it. And, Yeah, with our side, everything has been staying fairly busy. I haven't noticed a drop off or an increase in ads. I'd say since you guys have started with us, our ad costs actually gone down. Yeah, everything that you're saying, I completely agree with.

We appreciate you. Can't wait to, break some bread with you next week. All right. Yes, sir. Thank you. Awesome. All right. let's get right back to a team and anyone else, if you have questions, type them into the chat. I'll make sure Andrew stops me here. and I'm hoping that you're finding this helpful.

Give me a yes in the chat or give me a no, it's okay. I won't get offended if you say no, if you're finding this conversation helpful for you today. let's get into the second aspect here, which is what everyone likes to talk about is Google search. Let's talk about search in itself. Search has evolved.

It's gone from being 90 percent dominated by Google to all of the sudden last year and a half. And AI has become a tool that people are learning how to integrate to their daily lives. They're no longer going right into Google search. Oftentimes they might be going into chat GPT to ask a question.

with that in mind, I want to, give you my personal analysis this year, as we stand 2024. Google search is still the number one place where homeowners are searching for their home improvement project. that means they're searching for ideas. They're searching for examples, they're searching for contractors.

So when we look at the funnel, top of the funnel awareness, engagement, middle of the funnel, and conversions at the bottom of the funnel, Google search is It's still the number one place where homeowners will begin the journey. Follow to, to Google search. Now by consumption, YouTube is number two by search.

However, by consumption, homeowners spend more, time in YouTube on YouTube than they do on Google search researching. On google search you have about an average of three minutes spent in the engine looking for The destination and then on youtube there's the consumption.

So I want to encourage all of you YouTube gives you the opportunity to be a localized channel, which means that your results can come up higher when you tag your content with your location. That means that it doesn't matter if HGTV shot a great video. On a transformation if they're not local your video organic video Not the ads the organic video can actually show up higher and more relevant if you get your audience engaged in that platform.

So I put here on number two as far as the search engine However, the consumption is higher on youtube than it is on google search and this is why we're recommending this Be a place where you treat YouTube as in search engine. and just like you've built a website, build content to educate your prospect throughout the entire spectrum of the funnel, the entire spectrum, if you look at Contractor Clicks or Concrete Marketing Crew is what we had it before, Contractor Clicks YouTube channel is our number one consumption vehicle.

we get hours and hours of consumption every single week. And I can tell you anytime anyone consumes content before they hop on a strategy call, they're pretty much pre sold. So you want to create that advantage over your, your, competition here. And for, for, what's his name? Ben. I think it was Ben who said he's producing videos on YouTube.

Then you repurpose it, the YouTube videos. when you find something that's getting you clicks and is getting you views in one platform, you can pretty much take that one and then test it out in a different platform. Obviously in, in the format that is applicable to that platform. next to YouTube, we have the number three platform of search.

We have social media. Interestingly enough, I want to bring Maddie into the mix here to talk about how people search social media, how homeowners are searching social media. And you have this trends, which to me, I don't know about you guys, but I go to YouTube, I go to Google search, but I'm not on Instagram or Tik TOK.

However, my wife, Maddie, she goes into all these different platforms to do product research. And make big investments and all of the sudden she's Hey, guess what? We, I think we should do this. Hey, on our backyard, I want to do this project. Can you talk a little bit about the search factor in this platform?

Okay. So yeah, the search factor is you could definitely search for that stuff. Like it's gotten smarter in terms of searching for, Certain keywords in the for you page But i'm gonna be honest with you the product research that I do the most part In our house for our things and in myself personally is influencer marketing man Like I get influenced all the time and it is very true and it is very real And i'm gonna be less influenced sometimes by Say like maybe an ad I see an ad and I like it But I might be more influenced by the three or four people that I follow whose house I think is beautiful And who tell me hey buy this particular product from this particular person because I trust them And so I think that's a really big A big, huge, opportunity that exists in social media.

The searchability is super important. I constantly look for hashtags when I'm doing, I'm looking for specific, colors of, things. I'll look through the hashtags and whatnot, but the influencer marketing is a huge thing when it comes to social media. Yes. And one of the key searches that you must come up for, it's all your social media branded profiles.

So if there's any other company in your vicinity, et cetera. So that's a great point because the moment someone sees you in someone else's world and they're demonstrating your product, you completed a project transformation for a realtor that's well known in the area. Now they're going to start Googling or searching your name in the platform and then looking you up and seeing what else you've documented.

So if the only documented proof is in their feet and not yours, devalues you. So you definitely want to show up higher for your brand and have those brand profiles optimized for your business and keywords. we have our friends and clients, the epoxy pros, the epoxy pros. For example, if you look them up on Instagram.

They use the keywords of what they want to rank higher for inside of their name. Andrew, you want to speak to that? how important, using some of the keywords in the description or the name of the social media channels. Yeah. You'll actually see a proxy pros update and tweak with their, name, because that first header, the, one that's in bold on Instagram, it tells you a lot about what that company is.

So if you're not saying, who you are and who you serve. In your profile, it's not getting searched properly. one of the things I notice a lot because we like to follow and engage with accounts online is a lot of people are not tagging their location. I know that It might seem obvious to you where, who you are and where you serve, what cities and territories that you're in, but it's not to someone just randomly looking on Instagram.

So whether you're using hashtags, local hashtags, and also adding location on those Instagram posts to the different cities that you serve, you can go County, you can do cities. I really recommend that. So people can tell where you're from because there's no question who the pros serve. They serve South Florida area.

They're willing to travel sometimes too, but it's, shown a lot on their feed too. we did have a question come through Danny, about the Google business profile. so Romina said, we actually don't have a warehouse, so we've had trouble with the address situation. Okay. If we use a home address, does that help?

Or does it look like we're just rookies? should we get a PO box? What's, what are your thoughts on that? So for the Google business listing. the GBP, you wanna think about it this way. You have a radius, right? And wherever. If your home address is centralized and that determines your service area, go ahead and put in your address.

It's if, say, this is your service area and your Google listing is here, you're gonna come up for your brand, but it's not gonna get you the leads that you want. So it's all relevant. And what I would recommend is analyzing, if you do a five mile radius around this. What does it look like if you're in a metro area, for example, like for example, new york city In New York city, you have Uptown, Midtown, and then you have Soho, et cetera.

Google gives you a small, literally blocks of worth of rate of radius. So if you're a doctor, et cetera, but for your instance, if this is a home, it's completely fine. What I do recommend is make sure you have your trailer and truck wrapped, parked right in the, In the driveway, have your proof of business documents and have one or two utility bills to your business name, in your home so that when they have you do the video verification, you can literally walk from the outside, show them the blocks, show them, Hey, this is the truck that we're using here.

Walk into your home and say, this is our office that we have for now. This is our incorporated papers. This is our website, et cetera. So that is probably the best way to get that done. And you have, your utility, yeah. So get to the truck wraps. And then we've had clients that haven't had the truck wraps, but they have the magnets right on their trucks.

You get something like that. The utility bills. And papers of incorporation that probably, has more weight than, having the entire truck wrap. If that helps, hopefully that answered that question here. what do you get minutes per day? That's quite a bit of content.

So might as well just create content on YouTube. some of the content that you can create team, if you have not considered this is do a podcast. Do a video podcast. So you record the video, you educate your prospects, you take all the frequently asked questions. Again, think of it as if it's your website, but it's a new way where people consume content.

And when they like what they see in your channel, some of those individuals might not convert right away, but over time, those are some of the best prospects, who become the fans. we talked about having, local apps set up in your area. So thumbtack. That's a local application to homeowners. Do I personally like thumbtack?

I don't. however, that has a stream of leads coming into it. then you have, next door. I would do next door before I do thumbtack if I'm a contractor. So I would recommend you get local in an engaged in your profiles. if it's for free, claim it, get it up and running, link up your social media channels, your website, put the most beautiful pictures and work that you do, post to it consistently.

And I'm telling you, don't sleep on next door because people do recommend, ask for recommendations right next door. Then you have, the good old Facebook groups, make sure that is part of the social there. People are searching within Facebook groups, so make sure that you're showing up. and the last place that we're noticing, homeowners starting to search on, this is very different platform by platform.

one of them is Gemini, which is part of Google's effort to try to keep people inside of the platform. Gemini is not chat GPT, but it's still an AI search engine. we have seen it improve ridiculously. so I personally love Gemini. But I also use chat GPT, I get more technical help from chat GPT.

I get more from, real time results. And what, the way I see search evolving, Google search and AI, Google is going to start presenting data. From an AI perspective here in the next four to six months. so by the end of this year, you're going to notice that search is going to evolve. We have started to see that.

what I noticed too, is they don't want to just take down the Google ads. because that's their biggest source of revenue and search. So they will probably evolve the platform, the way it displays, keep a close eye on it. How is it coming up in your area? but, Google has started rolling out some AI, search results already.

So make sure your website is optimized to show up for. The right keywords for for your services, for what you do, examples, transformations, frequently asked questions. What we call the big five questions people have. And this is what covers Google search, and the search landscape. So here's your homework.

Do you know what your customers are searching for? That's the question you got to ask yourself. Do you know, and there are two types of keyword reads, actually three types of keyword research. I'm going to recommend that you do, the first one here, which is your customers. So you ask your customers,

ask your customers. And when Emily first started working with us, she challenged us. She's Hey, I get, this is keyword research. You guys perform. However, as a homeowner, this is probably not how I would be searching a project like this. so your customers are searching projects very differently than the good old keyword research, Google, Keyword Planner, etc.

Google Keyword Planner has started hiding information from customers because what they don't want to give you is the keywords that convert the highest value. On Google ads, because if you knew you could just beat on those and that's it. It'd be the end of it. so what we want to find out is what is it that our customers are searching for?

So next time you get a call, you just want to ask, Hey, how do you find us? How we find you on Google? Hey, do you mind asking, what was it that you were looking for specifically? You'll remember what you were typing on Google search. Now, if you want, you don't want to ask up front, ask after, and when you survey about 10 clients and you get 10 answers.

That's going to give you a very solid idea. Don't ask your friends. Ask your customers. That is the number one keyword research you want to be doing. The second type of keyword research, is what we get from the Google business profile. If you have a Google business profile will tell you what people are searching for.

That's given an impression. So in some cases, it's going to be your business name. Other times it's going to be like services, concrete polishing, staining, or hardscaping, contractor, hardscaping near me, right? We want to know what those terms are so you can build a better strategy. and the last one is the Google search console underutilized under tab.

That is number two. Place to get keywords the last place Is doing it the good old, keyword research way, which is like what we do here We start our keyword research here and we get our customers feedback our clients feedback And then integrate this into the plan because now that gives us the ability to Optimize the website for what we need to the content and all that right?

So That is your homework. Make sure you understand what is it that my customers are searching for truly. Don't just take what the marketer is telling me. Don't take what Google is telling you in the keyword planner. That's very misleading. Go to the Google business profile and Google search console. We want to find out what that looks like.

and then what we want to do is. Now go out to Google and YouTube and start searching for those terms. Just poke around, boom. What is it? And then as you start finding out where you're positioning placed in the search engines, now we can create a plan and a strategy for you to create content.

to meet the result, for what people are looking for. So that being said, that is, strategy number two here. so lead maximizer, tip for you. One of the best type of, content pieces you can create. It's showcase the project highlights and the big five. So for example, for Tim, what are we doing next week is we're going to go out there and ensure that we're creating content that is relevant and, is going to answer some of the big five questions here, but also capturing the projects because we want to do a walkthrough before, during and after.

Into what it's like working with him. What does it look like to have a well documented project? So if you're a concrete coating home improvement contractor, this is a must, a requirement you want to rank higher in the search engines, let's get it done. So I want you to share what's your biggest takeaway so far.

Want to make sure I'm not putting you guys to sleep. And we still got some listeners here. Type it into chat. What's standing out to you? What are you taking away from this conversation? Type it into the chat. We had a question come in, Danny, from, Reagan. And the question was basically, okay, are these, Is this advice only for the bigger, established, experienced companies, or can this also help the new companies stand out?

It's even better for the smaller. Okay, because they're going against ones with hot, tons and tons of reviews. They have a few Google reviews. How do they get some of that bandwidth and attention towards them? So what I would say is when you're lean, when you're smaller and you got more time in your hands, when you're bigger, you don't have time, but you have money.

So you invest in people to do it when you can do it yourself. Just start shipping out content. Like I said, figure out what your customers are searching for right now in this phase and start creating content that's relevant for them. And then you take that content, like a YouTube Video and you share it on your social media.

So you share it on Facebook groups and this is how you can go up against, the bigger guys that are spending multiple thousand hundreds a day, et cetera. and then what you do is I want you to think about, and Andrew, if you can do me a favor, typing the big five. I want you to do the big five as far as content creation, the big five, and the big five comes from the book.

They ask you answer. So that means what are people looking for when they're going through their buying decision on a business. So they might want to know about price. They might want to know about the quality pros versus cons. they might want to know about their options, et cetera. I'll make sure Andrew post the big five, topics into, Into the chat, because this is going to be one area that you could probably deploy faster than, than a bigger company.

That's just a fact, right? Alex says, be present, not just in one platform. The more places you show up, the more money you're going to make. that is key. Awesome. All right, let's get right to it. And, we're over halfway done here. So let's continue our journey team. And, let's talk about our social channels. Social channels.

This is by relevancy. This is the literal, as far as engagement and conversions, what do those channels look like currently, 2024, this time of the year? we are in April 19th. At the time of this video, Instagram is still number one from a conversions engagement perspective a quick example is we have our friends at the epoxy pros our clients at the epoxy pros you see their channel Andrew posted a picture earlier.

They've been consistent on it. They generate some of the biggest projects from it. They've been able to build a very, profitable company and training company out of Instagram alone. that's given them the audience to now start building their YouTube channel, which is number two, for them. And now their YouTube channel is growing and they've gotten commercial projects.

They've gotten a lot of great things from YouTube. so Even in this current landscape, we've seen Instagram change their algorithm a little bit. It's gotten a little bit tougher to get likes, get shares, however, consistency and creating the disruptive content is what's going to make your Instagram feed pop.

So don't just create whatever content. Be intentional about it. Spend a little bit more time or a lot more time thinking about what's going to be a great project highlight. How do I document this? and this is what we do here. This is what we're flying out people and sending people to capture our clients work because oftentimes our clients do not have the time to do it themselves.

So they might want something better. done better and a higher quality, et cetera. That's where we come in. We capture, we edit in house and then we post in social channels, which is awesome. second channel, YouTube. I want you to embrace YouTube. This is the year of YouTube. If you do not embrace it last year, this is the year where you create videos.

Longer form content videos. And by longer form, keep it to about six minutes. anything over six minutes, we'll probably, unless it's a podcast, You'll probably start fading us the engagement on it And make it relevant to the searches for what you want individuals to find you for third channel We have found to still work.

It requires more muscle than instagram or youtube and that's facebook Your facebook personal profile is the number one Engagement tool. The second one is your companies. And, what I have found is if you want your company's channel to grow, you almost have to always, post it on your company's Facebook profile, then share it on your personal and use your personal profile to share it in the community groups.

I see a lot of businesses. going directly into community groups and sharing there and the effectiveness is not there. so oftentimes just having the business owner or an individual, when females share content, they tend to get more engagement than males do. doesn't mean males, content don't work.

However, I've noticed that there's always, a pattern when, a female shares content after Facebook comes tick tock. And the funny thing about tick tock is every channel I posted here actually produces leads and engagement, and these are social channels from organic. Now, take that produces more engagement.

However, produces less lead flow. and the leads that come through sometimes could be questionable, allowed a lot of out of service area leads. So we've had a lot of our, some of our clients, have gone national out of, TikTok by the mere fact that a lot of the opportunities that started coming in were from out of state, et cetera.

So if that's what you're looking to do, TikTok is a great place to be on. I would probably play it right. with Instagram right up there. If you're looking to go national for local, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. so TikTok still gets engagement. You want to be there. whatever has worked for you on Instagram, on the reels, you can pretty much repurpose that what Andrew was talking about on TikTok.

and that gives you a great, social presence. Now next door is another one I'm putting here again. It's a social channel. It's search social. You got the pay per click capabilities in it. so I want you to be in next door Put it into your to do's right after this conversation this call set up your profile is for free You don't have to pay anything And start getting pictures, optimize your profile and ask your past clients, send them a text message with your profile to get you a review.

That's going to help you rank higher. So that is as far as the social channel here, Andrew, I want to bring you back here. what would you say? What's your two cents in the social media world, content creation, what's working for our clients. And I'll get mad at you as well. Let's get mad at you too. Yeah, I was just putting in the chat that, TikTok, sometimes you might be not realizing that TikTok can also generate income.

I know that it has for Epoxy Pros, and not everyone's going to be that same personality as Epoxy Pros, but they're going to connect with different people because of it. I think the willingness to put yourself out there and get in front of the camera is always going to build trust with the upcoming clients and customers that you have.

And remember the TikTok age might not be your target demographic at this time, but that age will continue to go up. New social channels will come. So you do want to keep putting yourself out there. It's not that hard to, to post a video. Post it to different platforms, and it's fascinating to watch because you might have something really take off on Instagram, but not so much on tick tock and vice versa.

it just hits differently sometimes based on who's watching but it's fun to see what you can do. What would thrive on one channel might not on another. So something you might've thought was a flop might not actually be. So just keep that in mind, have a fun hook and enjoy it. The thing we're working on the most, is just having that consistency and also.

Stability of, Hey, let's make it fun and enjoyable. But what you guys do as home improvement contractors is so fascinating to the average person. They, you might take it for granted. You're doing the same, maybe the same motions every time you're always, throwing flake. But every time people see you mixing a metallic, It's so eye catching and a lot of things that we do in office are not as eye catching. So you guys have quite a way to get more views. It's a big advantage. You can have fun. we work virtually. It's much harder to pull off. We're constantly Talking amongst ourselves. Hey, how can we make this funner?

And, Louis gave us a great idea the other day. He's Hey guys, what do you think about this? I'm like, let's go for it. I ended up laughing for 10 minutes. It took me 20 seconds to record the video and then he went, and got us some good likes. I love that. Maddie, what about you? What's your observations?

I think right now it's like Andrea was saying, know your audience, know where they hang out and produce content for that particular platform, yeah, it's great to be like, Oh, I have a million of these on Tik TOK, but how many jobs did you get from, I don't know, you know what I'm saying is your person hanging out on Tik TOK or are they hanging out on Facebook?

We have one particular client of ours who is. Hailing it on Facebook, reels, all places. And he has thousands of views on his facebook reels and the thing that's working for him is that he's showing up as himself He's not showing up as some different person of him The person that you hear on that reel is the person that you hear when you pick up the phone and you speak to that person And if he was on this call, it would be the same person you hear on this call So be yourself be genuine be authentic because then when you show up at your consumer at your customer's house You're They're going to see who you really are on your social media page.

Same thing with epoxy pros, what in the epoxy pros is who they are in real life. So show up as yourself, be fun, have fun, have content that's exciting and interesting about what you do, but also behind the scenes content about who you work with, what kind of, what you do for fun. people like to see all that stuff.

It just creates a genuine picture of who you are and who your company is. Now, we've talked and I like this conversation because we've talked about the bigger channels already. Let's bring it down. I want to share like what some of our clients are putting together. Would it be helpful typing helpful in the chat?

If you want to see what type of content can actually work for you, type in helpful in the chat. If that's something you want to see, Alright, so type in helpful here. Let me get another two helpfuls before I move on to the next. Okay, so we got some helpful. So let me see, Mr. Tim. so let me share my phone.

There's not going to be audio. For the sakes of this and, Renzo, can you see my phone? Yes. Okay. Awesome. So take a look at some of these videos. they do speak Spanish, et cetera. but look at this, look at that simple motion videos, right? And then we got the owners. you're showing the fun piece.

Look at this right here, talking videos. This is shot from an iPhone shot from an iPhone, right? And this is Maddie. you told the client, say, let's get a celebrity endorsement. let's get someone that's got more followers than you. They took the strategy, they ran with it, and this is how they're able to lower the cost of lead generation.

By putting some of these pieces in place, because the more engagement you have in the platforms, the better it is. So just wanted to show you that because sometimes you, we're overcomplicating it. The latest iPhone is the, has the best camera that you need for just creating content. When we're over with Tim, we're going to teach you and we're going to tell you, Hey, this is what you need to do and just have a phone ready.

And then go. that being said, let's go ahead and finalize the conversation here. In what we should be doing on social media. That's working. Social media, 2024 create unique content that helps you stand out. So what are some of the concepts that we've seen work really well? Fun videos. I just showed you sometimes the fun videos is looking at your team, do the work and make sure that the lighting is right.

Make sure it's not blurry. Like the videos that do not perform are the ones harder to see, and you don't know what you're looking at. Now, when you see a video where it's a proper lighting, the guys are having fun, you show their personalities. That's great. That's awesome. Also helps you showcase the culture.

So if, if someone looks at your social media, what do they think about your business? What do they think about your culture? Is it a boring? Is it all stale? Is it outdated or is it fresh? Does it look good? Are people smiling? those are basic things, but just keep that in mind and have a conversation with your crew members and say, Hey guys, how about this?

We want to just create great content that showcases how fun it is for us to do our work, frequently asked questions. You can do this in multiple modalities. Like I said, YouTube videos, take that YouTube video repurpose it elsewhere. And then the progress video, if you're doing larger projects, doing progress, phase one and phase two videos, those tend to perform really well because it keeps people subscribe to the channel.

Because they want to see the end result. sometimes if you do an entire, we've noticed that the companies that, that have done a one large project, nine minute video and done the entire before doing an after one versus splitting that up into two videos, two to three minutes, each part one, part two.

The ones that have multiple parts tend to get more followers from that first video than if they just published the one video. So hopefully that made sense there. Progress videos, split it up, especially if it's a large project. And this is a bonus tip I want you to all embrace this year. If you have not Tim homework for you.

What's going to be the name of your podcast, create a podcast. In fact, YouTube itself has created the channels because of the amount of people consuming podcast content has created the podcast channel right within each platform to render the audio version in a podcast version. So create a podcast. It would be amazing.

You guys have a warehouse, just make sure you have the proper lighting. And, we're going to do another follow up. We, in fact, we, did a, one of our podcast episodes this week. It's all about launching and creating your own podcast experience. What does that look like? Topics you can be talking about.

So make sure you go to our YouTube channel and find the podcast there, and leverage all the content ideas we've given you in this specific. masterclass here. The goal is to educate your prospects, entertain them, bring them value, show them what you're all about. And that's going to help you get known, get liked, and have more prospects do business with you.

So yes or no in the chat. Yes or no. I want to hear has this information been helpful to you today? Awesome Thank you for your time and your vote of confidence. I logged in late, but everything's extremely helpful. Hey, Joe, great to see you here.

Want to see you in our code master next week. Make sure you reach out to me so we can get you in there. That being said, let's go into the next segment here. And that is simply. Would you benefit from going deeper and getting a full marketing plan? I'm talking about a full marketing plan mapped out for you and your business for free.

Everything we've discussed, think of it this way. We take your business, how would you apply it to your business? You guys think that would be helpful for you? Let me know yes in the chat. And for those of you that do think that is helpful, I want you to go ahead and claim your complimentary growth strategy call.

This is a 497 value. and in the past history, we've done the sales calls where people call us, we talked about the business, et cetera. This is actually a deep dive. And let me explain to you the way that looks like. It's number one, the growth strategy qualities. A growth analysis in your business. We're going to help you do the keyword research in your area.

If you're running Google ads, great. We're going to do Google ads audit. So that means this is going to be a two step call. We're going to learn your territory, look at a search plan. That's going to fit you and your company. We're going to also look at your Facebook advertising strategy. If you're using Facebook and YouTube, et cetera.

And give you recommendations for best performance on the organic social. Just like what I showed you here with coatings design, we're going to tell you exactly what you can improve, remove, add, et cetera, what equipment you need, if you want to be doing more in house and it's all available to you at no cost for 97 value.

For free. So if this is something that aligns with you, I want you to go to contractor that click. 2024 and claim your growth strategy call. So what you're going to get just to recap here is you're going to get the best local and most relevant keywords in your area. You don't want to miss out because what's changed here is the way that people are searching for content right now.

And what we want to know is how are people searching content, both on search. And on social next is improve your Google ads strategy and results by getting complimentary audit, get a search positioning plan, looking at where you're currently ranking, where you want to go, looking at the social ads improvement for your business, how is it that you can be shown up disruptively in your service area, we're going to look at your competitors and actually show you what they're running.

So you have a better idea. and get a custom organic social strategy that's going to work. So you can scan the QR code, take a picture of this. There is a link right in the chat. You can click on that, or you can also just post a yes in the chat or send a message to Andrea here, and we're going to get you set up and hooked up with your complimentary growth strategy call.

And this is brought to you by Contractor Click, formerly Concrete Marketing Crew. And I want to thank you all for participating, joining us and staying tuned. Make sure that you follow us and subscribe to Contractor That Click. That being said, I'm opening this up for questions now. This is Q&amp; A time. We'd love to get, questions so we can give you some answers.

Let's see. I see, I saw Mr. Pete Johnson in the house. What's going on, Pete? Great to see you, brother. Not much. Yeah, no, sorry. I tuned in late and I got to leave here in just a couple of minutes, but I'm going to catch the replay on this one. I'm super excited for, marketing one on one, stuff I want to learn.

And, I'm super excited to be back next week. I will come back next week where you're going to be wrapping up April with crew efficiency and coming in strong with that. to piggyback off of marketing and utilizing your crews. in those ways to make sure that you guys are profitable with your crews.

So make sure that you guys are taking Danny's or taking the advantage of Danny's program that he's just offering. And we're going to see you guys next week with Michael. That's right. if you're not part of Coatmaster, this is a great opportunity, Pete. and I joined forces in this and the goal is simple, man.

We want to help people out. That is what we're here to do. Romina says the link is not working for me, Andrew, can you just help her out, get the email from her, Romina, the way it's going to work. And we have an interesting URL here. the way the page looks like it should be like this contract or that click forward slash 20, 24.

and it's a calendar that call is going to be with me. So I'm going to set aside some time. I can only do 10 of these because this is, I'm already going over to a Tim's location and the rest of the month here between everything else that I have to run in the business, I'm limited. So I'm going to be spending some time with all of you.

If you're taking advantage of this strategy call. Okay. let me click on the confirm. Yeah. You got to scroll down. scroll down Romina. It's weird how you have to scroll down so that you can get another field and then it should let you confirm in there. Anyone else questions? Any other feedback, Andrew?

Yeah. One of the things that I think is super cool that you do is website audits as part of that, growth strategy, because sometimes you might not see The issues in your website. You just think it's, working fine, but there's so much that can happen on a website. so I think that's a big part of it.

Website audits. That's right. That's right. I want to see you all crush it. so here's the deal guys go to contractor that click forward slash 2024 if you want to book a complimentary growth strategy call, thank you for tuning in, follow us at contractor that click we'll see you in the next one.